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Welcome to NicoBlog! My name is Nico and i’m sharing my collection of games with you. The site is constantly evolving we add new games all the time you can find lots of roms, isos and games here.

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The site focus mainly on the Sony PSP, but extends to many other consoles:
Note that you will need an emulator to play the games so make sure you visit the Emulators section.


These are just some examples if you want to download full ROM packs or other consoles visit the general ROMs Section.
If you need help to download the games or with something else you can always check the Guides section and the site FAQ.
If your internet connection is not very good you can follow this useful tips for bad Internet connections.

Finally if you would like to make some friends or get to know some fellow gamers like you then join the Forums, we are always happy to see new people joining the community.

Things you should know:

1.  I cannot translate games or make undubs: I am merely an uploader, so please don’t ask me to translate games or undub them.

2. There are no requests: Games are uploaded/reuploaded every day. I may grant suggestions i read on comments from time to time. But only if i decide the site needs it. Don’t spam it everywhere and don’t be impolite and i might upload it.

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