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Hello there! Welcome to, this site started as a small blogspot in 2012 and slowly started gaining popularity, the site grew a lot since those times which is not an easy task on this competitive sector.

We focus mainly on the Sony PSP, but extends to other consoles:
There are 3 main sections:


About NicoBlog:

  • We never deceive our users: Some blogs i will not mention tend to post things they don’t actually have, one classic is “English patched” games. We could never do that, if it’s on NicoBlog you know it’s the real deal. Also we patch our own ISOs many sites won’t even bother! They just reupload what we patch here.
  • We provide quality scene releases: We don’t just post random ISOs we find online, we verify that every game we post is a verified scene release with CRC32 before uploading. This is a guarantee that the ISOs you download from our site are clean and proper dumps. We don’t post “CSO” or “Prometheus fixed”, “touched” ISOs, but we give you the guides and tools to create them if you need them.
  • We use high speed download sources: Another big problem with sites like ours is “Bad hostings” or that they only use “pay to upload” hostings.  We provide not one or two but 10+ fast download sources for each file we upload. Some examples: FileFactory, SolidFiles, FileCloud, DepositFIles, 4Shared, UPTOBOX, 1Fichier and OBOOM among others. If you are not familiar with this hostings give them a try i have tested them all and i get decent speed from all of them.
  • We split games but on few parts: I hate it when you try to download something and it’s splitted on 12 parts. We do split games but always trying to keep parts at minimum, currently we split into no more than 4 x400MB parts, the old uploads that have 5-6 parts are being reuploaded in 4 parts daily until there are no games in more than 4 parts.
  • We don’t have popups or ads everywhere: Many sites, even the most known sites that have paid subscriptions tend to have like 20 ads per page. We don’t do that! We have 3 banners per page, no popup/popunder or malicious ads.
  •  We have lots of supporters and an established community: On our forums you will find great people to talk to and also share your own uploads, we have nearly 10,000 followers on Facebook, and it keeps growing daily.

Not a Translator just an uploader.

I’d like to clarify that we do not create English patches or make translations, we merely upload games, any request of this kind will be ignored. This also applies to undubs, we don’t make them.

Join the Community!

Finally if you would like to make some friends or get to know some fellow gamers like you then join the Forums, we are always happy to see new people joining the community.

Stay Updated!

If you would like to stay up to date with the latest uploads add us to your bookmarks and follow us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter with the top-right buttons. New uploads will be announced there! Facebook page and our Google+ Page.

Need help?

If you need help to download, extract or with something else you can always check the Guides section and the FAQ.
If your internet connection is not very good you can follow this useful tips for bad Internet connections.

-There are no requests for the time being thanks-
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