End of Serenity (USA)

End of Serenity

Throughout history, mysterious objects known as “Atomigems” have existed all over the world. The people of the world have used them for many things, from simple family heirlooms to even objects of worship. However, recently, a gang known as the Underworld has been going around collecting any and all Atomigems they can find. What exactly is their aim? Continue reading

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Vandal Hearts II (USA) PSX2PSP

Vandal Hearts II

Joshua’s day started out simple enough. Climb up on a roof to catch a butterfly for Adele. Once he actually catches it, he promptly falls off the roof. That would be the beginning of the end. His stepsister Rosaly comes running over to say a stranger is being attacked in the field. With the help of his two friends Yuri and Clive, they save the stranger and bring him back to the village so the doctor can treat his wounds. Little do they know, this act of kindness will change their lives forever, for this is no ordinary stranger.  Continue reading

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Vandal Hearts (USA) PSX2PSP

Vandal Hearts I

You assume the role of Ash Lambert, a hero torn between saving his country and restoring honor to the disgraced Lambert dynasty. As he struggles with his inner demons and personal problems, he will meet various companions throughout his journey. They will help your character fight to overthrow the oppressive regime and ward off an ancient being that threatens the world.  Continue reading

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Ranshima Monogatari Rare Land Story: Shoujo no Yakujou (JPN)

Ranshima Monogatari Rare Land Story

There was a country called Lareland, which had been prospered for hundreds years. But their peaceful life suddenly ended when a group of invaders attacked them. Like this, the war between humans and a different creature broke out. Five months later, Hiro, a young soldier, finally killed the boss of the invaders. He, who was exhausted, somehow returned his homeland and met a girl asleep. She soon woke up and shone herself. The light covered the sky like rain and soothed every nightmare happened in the world. “Chiria….” She whispered and fell down powerlessly…. When she regained her consciousness, she didn’t remember anything at all. Hiro and Chiria’s life now begins… Continue reading

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Little Witch Parfait: Kuroneko Mahouten Monogatari (JPN)

Little Witch Parfait

Little Witch Parfait: Kuroneko Mahouten Monogatari: Parfait Sucreal is a young witch, who is yet in training and full of clumsiness in raising a potion shop called Black Cat Market run by her mother and Parfait’s black cat, Sakemas, who can amazingly talk. A year ago from the time this game was set, her mother had died from an illness – her father was a famous wizard who died from saving the kingdom when Parfait was young. Continue reading

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