Bloody Roar II (USA-PSN) NPUJ-94424



Publisher: Sony
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: 2010-06-08
Source: PSN
ID: NPUJ-94424
ISO size: 310 MB
Image Format: EBOOT.PBP
Languages: English

Download: Part 1 –  Part 2

Password: “” (without ” “)

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  • Mr.Oppai

    as far as i can remember when i had this on the ps wasnt it called Blood Roar II: The new breed. its also like that on PSN

  • Mr.Oppai

    ah my title screen was more like this on the ps

  • Hellos56

    its odd i keep getting “game could not be started fffffffff” anyone else. :/

  • Nico

    The main cause of that error is having PRO-C2 CFW.
    You need to switch to PRO-C Fix3 (See guides section)

  • Hellos56

    kk thx