Bloody Roar (USA-PSN) PSOne Classic for PSP

Bloody Roar

Release Name: Bloody Roar (USA)
Publisher: Sony
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: 2009-08-20Bloody Roar PSP Cover
Media Format: EBOOT
Disc ID: SCUS-94199
File Size: 311 MB
Game Format: .PBP
Languages: English

Bloody Roar is a 3Df fighting game published by Sony, released on the PlayStation network on August 20, 2009.

This is a great fighting game for the PSX, all characters have 2 forms a human form and an a beast form which you can trigger in combat provided your switch bar is full.

The beast form is more powerful but be careful if you receive a lot of damage you’ll be turned into human again, this gives some strategic feeling to the fights unique to this game. Check it out!



-Bloody Roar PSP ISO Download-

Bloody_Roar_USA_PSN Part 1
Bloody_Roar_USA_PSN Part 2
Bloody_Roar_USA_PSN Part 1
Bloody_Roar_USA_PSN Part 2

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  • DemonG0d9000

    the download links are down, they say “the file doesnt exist”

  • Nico

    Thanks will fix.

  • Nico


  • DemonG0d9000

    Awesome, Thanks Nico

  • Nico

    Reuploaded as PSN version.