Chrono Cross (USA-PSN) PSOne Classic PSP

Chrono Cross Battle screenshots

Release Name: Chrono Cross (USA)
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 2011-11-08Chrono Cross PSN Cover
Media Format: PSN
Disc ID: NPUJ-01041
Eboot size: 775 MB
Image Format: EBOOT.PBP
Languages: English

Review by magistery0:

magistery0 AvatarStory:
In the Village of Arni, there lived a young boy named Serge, just an ordinary village boy who never aspire to become anything aside from living his peaceful life and in his quiet little village.

One day, Serge’s childhood friend Leena asked him to collect some Komodo scales for her, and she’ll meet up afterwards at Opassa Beach. Serge eager to help his friend sets out hunting for those precious komodo scales.

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Chrono Cross Arni Villagechrono cross harlequinchrono cross elements

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Chrono Cross (USA-PSN) Part 1
Chrono Cross (USA-PSN) Part 2
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Chrono Cross (USA-PSN) Part 5
Password: “” (without ” “)
PSN EBOOTS need CFW 6.60 PRO-C Fix3

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    Can I still use ppsspp emulator to play it!!

  • Shikami

    The Disc 2 is missing, and the elements menu are twinkle like the PSN version.

  • Shikami

    crap… i just erase the game, but 1) the switch disc option of the menu doesn´t show 2 disc, and stay dark gray that is why i say the disc 2 is missing. ad 2) the flashing menu occurs when you try to use an element it has a rapid twinkle in the letters. Im using CFW 5.50 Gen d3

  • Procyons

    does this freeze on mama komodo by the way i’m on 6.60 pro B10

  • Rin

    I love this game thank you :) How do I check which custom firmware I am running?

  • Rin

    I’m using 6.60 PRO-C. So it should run pretty much everything right?

  • Raphael Lasmarias

    My game freezes right after you beat Lynx in Fort Dragonia

  • Hafiq

    It says the game could not be started (FFFFFFF) some help here!

  • Hafiq

    im using 6.60 pro c2 and i dwld the pro cfw version. sorry im abit new to this.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Heyas Nico! Just wondering if this is the psn copy before I download this. I heard converted psx copies of CC causes different problems depending on several situations and it also differs from user to user.

  • Po Jonas

    nico, why is it that the game could not be started ?? ive downloaded it two times and it still not working, what should i do ?

  • Noctaris85

    You must install popsloader and try the 6.60 version first, if that not solves the problem, use another version. Nico made a Guide for popsloader, for me it solved my problem with Persona 2 Eternal Punishment.

  • Cha-cha Baksrit

    same here.. any idea??

  • Guest

    Can someone check the password? Says it’s wrong for me.

    edit: Pro CFW version

  • Ana Lei Louise Estebar

    will this run in 6.60 pro-b?

  • Roxses7299

    Seem so and download POPSLoader in Plugins section

  • Ana Lei Louise Estebar

    okay, so this won’t work without popsloader? sorry for the questions since the past psx games that I downloaded doesn’t need it and it works perfectly :)

  • Roxses7299

    Nay not all need it but just in case it didn’t work on your psp.

  • ChromeJailer

    The release date I see here is 2011-11-08. So I guess this is the PSN version, right? And, are there any differences between the PSN ver. and the original ver. ?

  • ChromeJailer

    Oh, ok, thanks!

  • Reika Tsukiyomi

    what should I do? I dont know how convert Chrono Cross cuz, its have 2 disk… :(

  • Friazero

    reupload pls.

    thx nico

  • Friazero

    what is difference psn version and PSX2PSP..?

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Not much aside the psn version makes the game much more playable on the PSP without having any problems.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Nico! By any chance, can you upload your save data to bypass the comodo dragon scenario? Its probably just me, cuz the game still freezes after I killed the mama komodo boss. I still use ofw 6.20. and I know, that’s the problem. But if its possible for you to upload your save data it’ll be much appreciated!

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Thanks! It’ll probably be a huge help for everyone dealing with this same problem! Oh what’re you having for dinner? =d
    (Nico! Don’t forget to grab the komodo scale from the fisherman near Serge’s house and the tiger shark tooth from another fisherman inside one of the houses. and don’t go to oppasa beach after defeating the mama komodo cuz that’ll trigger an event, instead,go back to entrance then save! Whew~~~)

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    It works just nicely ~ maybe I should consider updating 6.60..
    Its just that my PSP shuts down on its own sometimes,probably because of my old battery.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    I’m on 6.20 right now, so do I have to update to 6.35 first and then to 6.60? Or should I skip ahead to updating it from 6.20 to 6.60?

  • Justin

    Thanks mate.

  • Arcanine

    so any 6.60 is needed
    cuz i got 6.60 por b 9

  • teej

    used 3.52 pops to get past that.

    anyways Im using CFW 6.60 PRO C fix3 and my popsloader pack is ver. 3

  • Rin

    Thanks for this! I still own the original psone disc for this, but I never got to complete it. Just wondering how come the unpacked size is 775MB but total download is 814MB?
    Do I still need popsloader to play? I’m running 6.60 PRO-C.

  • Nico

    Eboots don’t compress at all and winrar recovery record increase size.
    No need popsloader for PSN games.

  • Roberto Jose Pastores Perez

    Would it play okay for 660 PRO-C2? And would it ruin your psp to use PRO-Cfix3 and PRO-C2? I mean alternating them…

  • kyle calong

    nico, do you have other links it said
    potentially unwanted program
    quarantined from: CUserdownloadsUnconfirmed 322837.crdownload

  • Nico

    can you tell me exactly what are you clicking to get that?

  • kyle calong

    when i click download at mirror creator