Clannad English Patched PSP EBOOT (PC Port)

Clannad English Patched

Release Name: Clannad English Patched
Publisher: Prototype
Genre: Visual Novel
Release Date: 2008-05-30Clannad PSP Cover
Media Format: EBOOT
Eboot size: 1.03 GB
Image Format: .PBP
Languages: English

Review by DAReezan:

DAReezan avatar“I hate this city…it’s all full of memories I want to forget about. Go to school every day, chat with friends, and then go back to the home I don’t even want to go back to. Will something eventually change, doing this? Will that day come?”

Clannad is a story that is not about the world itself, but more about the characters and their struggles in their daily life. It might not seem interesting at first but the cast has a very unique set of back stories and personalities that always seem to keep things fresh.
I will be writing based on my experience playing the PC version of the game.

The main protagonist of Clannad is Okazaki Tomoya, a high school bum-labeled-delinquent who has lost all passion and motivation around his life. He’s the type of guy who likes to spend his time alone and mostly only cares about himself.

It’s not until he meets one girl on his way to school that his life starts to slowly change.

The main heroines of the game are:

Spoiler title

The story is a 10/10 but it’s very long, if you invest yourself in it you will feel almost every kind of emotion possible as you read the story. Without spoiling much I can tell you that if you do get into the story you will be crying a lot as this is one of the saddest Visual Novels out there.
Every character is meaningful in its own way, adding to the story and making it progress at a very steady pace. You will not meet a character that will not put their 2 cents into the overall story that is Clannad.

In total there are 11 Paths (tho in reality there’s only 10) The characters I listed above are only for the Major paths of the story:

Spoiler title

This is a very awesome game, I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good story, characters, and soundtrack.

“The world is beautiful. Even if you’re full of tears and sadness, open your eyes. Do what you want to do. Be what you want to be. Find friends. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Take your time.” – Clannad.

Clannad English Screenshots:

Clannad PSP English 1Clannad PSP English 2Clannad PSP English 3


-This is the PC version of Clannad English patched and ported to PSP, this is an EBOOT to be played on PSP only. It is recommended that you set your CPU clock to 333/166 on your CFW menu:

-Initial loading time of the game Takes awhile, on my PSP 3000 it took 4 minutes, but the game runs fine after that, it might take longer on old phat 1000 models.

PSP Recovery Menu

X/O – left click
triangle – right click (menu)
square – ctrl (skip text)
start – return to previous choice
L – save screen
R – load screen
double clicking L or R autosaves/autoloads from slot 1.

After downloading extract it and you will see a folder named  “xclannad-0.07? with many files inside.
Copy the entire folder to your PSPGAME directory:
Example: H:PSPGAMExclannad-0.07

-Clannad PSP ISO Download-

FileFactory: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Mirrors: Part 1Part 2Part 3

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  • Styrofoam

    it does not start -_- Please help..
    I did all the instructions but it dosent work

    all I hear is the piano thing then it get stuck..

  • Kanade Yuki

    “MARTES” Are you a filipino?? NICO?

  • Kanade Yuki

    I see, I missed understood. HEHEHE
    It was exactly what filipinos are using with the dates. Good to know that you’re an Argentinian. Thanks argentina coz you made Nico and now, he’s giving us free games. woooooo

  • Steebunn

    Donations would be nice :’) <3

  • Hyperionx7

    found 1 game ported from PC with english translation called Yume Miru Kusuri (not suitable for children cause this one basically an eroge)

  • Kanade Yuki

    I love that. LOL

  • Kanade Yuki

    Sure do, I would try to get a card.

  • Kanade Yuki

    There’s a problem with this, I think.
    The game loads fast when I’m starting it. Less than 2minutes but when I’m started playing.. barely not playable…. How to fix that? So slow

  • Steebunn

    Maybe you’re having the issue with the loading that’s mentioned up there ^ ? I’m not sure though. I haven’t tried playing it yet :c

  • Kanade Yuki

    Nope, it says 4 minutes initial loading time.
    But I already passed through the initial loading within less than 2 minutes. When I’m playing the chapters…. yeah.. so “slow”. not the loading. the game itself during the chapter moves so “slow”.

  • Kurain

    When I start the game, there is only a back screen, after a while i hear BGM but the screen is still black. I can’t event close the game. I updated to the 6.60 PRO-C. Any idea?

  • Mr.Oppai

    A PSP or Emulator?

  • Steebunn

    Oh poo, I don’t really know what’s up. I still haven’t tried out the game. Hopefully you can figure something out or wait until Nico comes back ‘ ^ ‘

  • Kurain

    PSP 3000

  • Kurain

    And why would I play Clannad with an Emulator when I have the PC to play the PC ver. ;_;

  • Ghostea

    Open up Recovery Menu in your CFW and make sure your settings match these;

    Advanced ->
    Memory Stick Speedup: None
    Inferno & NP9660 Use ISO Cache: Disabled
    Force High Memory Layout: Enabled
    CPU Speed ->
    Game CPU/BUS: 333/166

    That should help a little but I think the problem is down to memory stick load speed and how many files/free space it has.

    This might sound a little odd/superstitious but all the times it has worked for me I have opened up the game Information screen from the context menu that opens up via Triangle. I just waited for it to calculate the size of the game, waited for a second, then closed the window and then reopened it a second time, then closed it and opened the game.

    The game still runs pretty slow/laggy in places but it can’t be helped since it is a direct PC port.
    Also, I want to point out that the Analog Slider controls the mouse pointer.

  • Mr.Oppai

    because this one is free?

  • Tendo Souji

    same as styrofoam, my psp is 2000 with 6.60 pro-c, can you help me

  • vincent

    what the pasword of unrar?

  • Kurain

    Below the “Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4″

  • vincent

    ? where? i can not find it anywhere can you text the password here?

  • Ayoub AzouGarh’re funny

  • tyler taylor

    So after i download all the file do extract all of them and put them into one folder than put into my game folder in my psp just like eboots.

  • tyler taylor


  • Silver Leonidas

    why when i played at the middle of game it go to menu psp itself can you help me ??

  • Cervi

    I have the PC version, but this is waaay convenient, thx!!

  • Tom M

    Have PSP Slim, 6.60 Pro-B9, and when I try to start this, it briefly has a black screen w/ a mouse pointer in the top left corner… then defaults back to XMB.

    Any help?

  • Tom M

    As stated in the first comment, 6.60 Pro-B9. It’s a Light-CFW that can be made permenant, but I don’t think there is any difference, aside from having to activate the CFW every time I turn the PSP on.

    I’ve tried several times. It had the same result on the CFW I had on this BEFORE I upgrade to 6.60 Pro-B9 (which was 5.50 Prome-4).

    Thanks for responding, hope you can help.

  • Tom M

    Alright, I’ve installed Pro-C2… and no progress. I hit the game, it brings up the “Sony Computer Entertainment” screen, and then the screen turns black and returns to the XMB.

    ~.~ I don’t even know what to do anymore. I’ve got a PSP Slim, set the CPU Clock to 333 (and also tested it on standard).

    It’s not even giving me an error code, or a “Cannot run this operation” or anything. >.<

    Thanks for your help so far, Nico.

    EDIT: Re-opened the .rar files, and re-installed it on the PSP. When I started it this time, it stuck for about 3 minutes, and is now starting. Thanks again, Nico!

  • Matthew Webb

    When i start the game, it goes from black screen, and then goes back to the home menu, Any help?

  • golden guy

    this game is great i recommend you downloading this and also watch the anime because the anime is also great.

  • Wolfzen

    No other words can be used :|

  • laguna864

    is it full voice version?????

  • Roofipl94

    thanks for this amazing blog, i love that someone decided to focus on psp games

  • Austin S.

    any idea if i can get this to run on PPSSPP? since its not an iso when you extract it im not sure what to do with the folder. trying to run this on my PC.

  • Austin S.

    How would one go about making this work with an emulator? So far, I’m only familiar with getting ISOs to run on PPSSPP

  • joseph

    i cant see the password either
    can i have the password for this game

  • Zekiel

    This perfectly works ! Thanks
    However, it isn’t a voice version and this is such a pity…

  • jake

    just got a 64gb micro sd card with pro duo adapter. Here I come every psp game out there

  • jake

    I think so but if noit I have a 32gb pro duo too

  • Lim

    all I hear is the piano thing then it get stuck..

  • Lim

    im using 6.60 pro – c

  • Jimmy Vo

    HELP!!! when i put it in the game folder and turn on my psp its send corrupted data plz someone help.

  • Roxses7299

    Wish I can help but I can’t bacause I didn’t even tried it before.
    Edit: Oh & visit the Forum say Hi their because it kinda lonely there

  • Wolfzen

    Takes me like 4 minutes for it to boot on my PSP2000….

  • Wolfzen

    After downloading extract it and you will see a folder named “xclannad-0.07″ with many files inside.
    Copy the entire folder to your PSPGAME directory:
    Example: H:PSPGAMExclannad-0.07′
    It’s also in the FAQ.

  • Whistling Me
  • jake

    got my 32gb finally. course It still cant take ALL the psp games I want. so ill have to take in some and save the rest for later

  • Matthew Tom

    Using ppspp .9.6 and the game crashes after starting. Cannot load anything. Blank screen and then crash. Yes I did extract the entire thing and copied it all onto the psp folder. Please help!

  • jake

    all mine says is xlove. wont start. my psp 2000

  • ggFTW

    i keep on getting the “unexpected end of archive” error when i try to extract it. if i have to guess, it is part 1 that is corrupted. mind re-uploading it to filecloud ?

  • jake

    still need help

  • Guest

    Im kind of new to psp iso’ing but i would like to know how to change the winrar files (that i already have downloaded for this game) into a single iso game for my psp?

  • Wolfzen

    Well, this is the best part….
    After downloading, you only have to have all the .rar files in one area, right click, and under WinRar or 7Zip or whatever extractor you have, it should say ‘Extract Here’. Press that an KABOOM! After a while you will have your own ISO to play!
    -Random note by the way, but why are you posting about ISOs here? This is an EBOOT file (at least on this page), so you don’t need to extract or anything….

  • Guest

    Does anyone know the best mirror to use to download this since there isnt a zippyshare mirror?

  • Wolfzen

    In my opinion (and my laptop) it’s PutLocker. Not sure how it’ll work for you though.

  • Milli

    This is the full version am i correct? By full version i mean both Season 1 and Afterstory? :)?

  • jjtonix

    Nico whenever i try to save the psp shutsdown what do i do

  • frost

    When I start the game, after it loads it is very slow. I have the latest update and set the cpu clock properly. Advice?

  • XAraragiX

    this game is slow nothing can be done sadly

  • razeh souha

    so this runs normally on my psp
    the problems is whenever i try to load wether from title screen or from loading screen it always took around 6 minutes or so (first time playing this game , the load times were not even 1 minute , so is there something wrong ?)
    and when i’m still playing , this game suddenly go back to XMB screen without warning or anything . any way to fix this sudden impact ?

  • razeh souha

    sorry for double posting . just out of curiousity , but isn’t there also psp version of clannad ? is it don’t have english patch that’s works remarkably like the one in pc ?
    just out of curiousity , sir . please forgave me for my lack of manners

  • razeh souha

    i thank you for your quick reply :)

    though my other question wasn’t answered yet

  • razeh souha

    nico , are you porting english pre-patched tomoyo after into eboot too ?

  • jake

    wont start

  • ChromeJailer

    What CFW are you on?
    Did you put it under PSP/GAME/[Game name] ?

  • jake

    yes and 6.60 the newer one.

  • razeh souha

    nico , how do you scroll down through the choices ?
    yukine’s and kappei’s path were obstructed

  • jake

    pro c after I tried to play it and failed, so I posted anda waited

  • ChromeJailer

    Maybe you didn’t set your CPU Clock at 333/166 ..?

  • jake

    I d u it is not running at all

  • Uchiha_Itachi

    you do realize once u click on it u have to wait, for quite a long time…

  • jake

    longer than 3 mins? it doesn’t do anything when I click it

  • Uchiha_Itachi

    yep longer, i had to wait 4 minutes, wait at least 8 minutes if nothing happens than i’ll tell u what to do from there

  • Antonio Kayck

    this clannad have h-scenes?

  • Roxannas

    CLANNAD is a no-sexual-content game, so it doesn’t have any regardless of which version of the game it is.

  • Antonio Kayck


  • Uchiha_Itachi

    the same thing happened to me :(

  • unknown

    I set the CPU clock to 333/161 and the title screen came and all . But how do I scroll down through ‘new game’ ‘load game’ etc even if I manage to get into the game . How to scroll through the choices ? . The arrows , analog stick all will not work ……please help

  • Rievan Ardian

    is it works in ppsspp?

  • Mario López


  • Randyll Dela Cruz

    how can i make the characters talk???

  • Rin

    Thanks, I’m gonna give this a go!
    Wonder if you could upload Serial Experiments Lain, it’s my favourite anime and I’d love to play the game! Can’t find a request thread anywhere.. is there not one anymore?

  • bbayu

    ! G:CLANNADxclannad-0.07.part3.rar: Checksum error in the encrypted file xclannad-0.07G00SZZC0106.g00. Corrupt file or wrong password.

    ! G:CLANNADxclannad-0.07.part3.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    What does this mean?

  • Summer Rain

    Your link is dead enough ,you should update again ( like part 3 )

  • Nico


  • Nico

    See FAQ.

  • Nico

    There are no more requests.

  • Nico

    Not possible.

  • Xavier

    So, I’ve never used this site before, do I need all three parts? And do I need to combine them into one folder? I already have them all downloaded, but they all seem to have a lot of the same files, it keeps asking me if I want to overwrite.

  • Razhell

    Well, go to FAQ (in this homepage) and learn how use winrar and everything else. Good luck.

  • Katsuragi

    So, ive done this plenty of times with many other games, except this time, instead of extracting to an iSO file, (And yes ive done everything the FAQ says,etc, so i know what im seeing) it was just a game folder. like, no extension or anything. Im not sure if something went wrong during the extraction or the Download itself, but i’m lost as to what to do. I really hope i dont have to re-download it, as it took forever and a day. Please help?

    EDIT: I may have found the problem, thanks to comments further down the page.

  • Xavier

    Okay, so I’ve waited for it to load for like, 10 minutes, I know it’s slow, But I just have a blank screen. Music is playing but nothing is showing up. Help?

  • Tsumaster

    Same problem here… I’ve waited a entire night and the blank screen persist. Pop 3000 – 6.60 pro-c2

  • Will11690

    Update to Pro-C 3 and see if that fixes it and also did you increase the CPU clock to 333/166?

  • Justbeoneesan

    has anyone tried this with the PS vita?