Digimon Adventure (English Patched v3.0) PSP

Digimon Adventure PSP English Patched v3.0

Release Name:  Digimon_Adventure_JPN_PSP-KAiJU
Original Title: デジモンアドベンチャー
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Namco Bandai GamesPSP Cover
Release Date: 2013-09-09
Disc ID: NPJH-50686
ISO size: 1.55GB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: Japanese, English Patched.

Digimon Adventure Translation Status (v3.0):

Patch created by New Gen games

  • Menus and menu descriptions,  Items and items descriptions, digimon skills and names, digi-piece and digi-piece description, the map, movies, names materials and materials descriptions, battle messages, battle menu and tutorial fully translated.
  • Main story: Up to chapter 10 100% translated
  • Sub-episodes: Up to chapter 4 100% translated.
  • Credits: xhai, Kazari, Compcom, leecherman, penpen, Falo, Kazowar, psprazor, Onkei.
  • Special Thanks: Coraje187, Booster.

-Digimon Adventure PSP ISO Download-

English Patched ISO (v3):
Digimon_Adventure_English_v3 Part 1
Digimon_Adventure_English_v3 Part 2
Digimon_Adventure_English_v3 Part 3
Digimon_Adventure_English_v3 Part 1
Digimon_Adventure_English_v3 Part 2
Digimon_Adventure_English_v3 Part 3

Review by PKMaster99:

PKMaster99 avatarDo You like Digimon? Especially the Adventure series way back in the day? You will not regret trying this game out. My overall score is 8/10

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  • joshua

    Nicoblog only works for the first link, and not the rest, cannot extract that file.

  • Joshua

    It’s not the download that is the problem, it’s the password – the password from 2-5 doesn’t work as nicoblog ?

  • Joshua

    it’s the password you need to extract that files that aren’t working (my message disappeared before for some unknown reason) – It’s not nicoblog for 2-5

  • Fábio

    Arquivo 5 não funciona!!

  • Fuad Pilus

    Can i know the where the translation project blog/site ?

  • http://augeracao.blogspot.com/ Gon-Sensei


  • Qhaider

    Nico, is Datehacks stopped their translation project?
    Btw, thanks for the ISOs

  • bakayaro

    part 6 corupt or wrong password.

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/ChromeJailer ChromeJailer

    Re-download part 6.

  • Chaosbringer

    Datehacks is out..
    Any info on whether the team are still working on the patch?

  • mb4h

    Dunno why but I can’t seem to be able to extract these files. When I’m entering the password it always incorrect. I already try to redownload the files few times and it’s still gave the same result. I downloaded the v2 before and able to extract it without any problem, then why it’s not working this time?

  • mb4h

    well, I’m using macbook so any suggestion?

  • Hmz

    hey nic

    Then it mean i have to download it again which really sucks :T

    anyway thanks for the fast reply

  • xdreamerx

    Hi nico. I have some questions to ask. I have downloaded this patched iso and everything was okay but when I start the game, dialog box and the character of tamers was there but the background is a total black. Reffering to video you uploaded in description, it suppose to be a snow fall. Also, after koushirou finished his dialog, the screen become total black, but the music is still there. I dont understand why. I’m using ppsspp 0.9.8. Pls help me. Thanks in advance. You are doing a great job on this

  • Raphael Mascena Fonseca

    Nico , i just downloaded it and i’m loving it ! ^^ this was part of my chidhood < thanks in advance .

  • danis

    Part to part 7 not work plese re upload thank you

  • xdreamerx

    Okay, thanks nico for this great game!

  • Liviu

    How to change version of psp i have a real psp not emulator……

  • M.A.R.V.

    I juss beat the game i loved it so much i hope

  • M.A.R.V.

    anyone know if they will make season 2 ?

  • KizuxTheo

    PSP is pretty much dead everywhere. If they make it, it would end up in Vita.

  • Blazin

    Part 2 link problem :(

  • Sweg

    Why does it tell me that I “need another volume to continue extraction”?

  • Sweg

    What’s the best emulator you recommend to play this game on?

  • itachi uchiha

    m waitin for the full translation …… wen wil it b done ???

  • http://realafa.blogspot.com Real Afa

    repair archive

  • Shiki

    Will this game’s full translation NEVER be finished? Or will it just take more time? (not a lot I hope) cuz i’m really psyched up about wanting to play it XD! Oh! And by the way~ Will Re:Digitalized be translated? Or is there a project out there translating it? I googled it and found nothing T^T) Would really put me at ease to know SOME Info… Anyway Thanks Nico! You’re the best! (Thanks to all the people working on this project too :3)

  • Visitor

    thx a lot Nico!

  • CaptainObvious

    Is there any actual gameplay in this game? Judging by the video, there is none.

  • Argate

    I hoped at least it will cover Devimon arc… apparently not. Oh well, I’ll be looking forward for the next update.

  • http://www.facebook.com/NGD ShippudenTreizer

    Can this game be played on PPSSPP emulator??
    Nice blog btw

  • Nico

    See PPSSPP compatibility list i don’t know.

  • Explorace

    Looking forward for a complete translation :p

  • CheeseCake

    Captain Obvious: Of course, there’s gameplay. It’s a game, isn’t it?
    Jokes aside it uses a standard turn based rpg system but you can DIGIVOLVE.

  • jrdemr

    Does anyone know what’s the last part of the story that’s been translated?

  • Nyamage

    yes, you can play this in PPSSPP and be sure in `Rendering mode` setting you choose `Non-buffered rendering`

  • Guest

    around after they defeat Devimon as far as i remember.

  • Nyamage

    it’s around after you defeat devimon, as far as i remember.

  • http://comicconreviews.net/ ComicConReviews

    How do you open the .rar files to extract? They are password protected, anyone know the password?

  • Nico

    The password is the url written below the download links for more info see the FAQ.

  • zuuum

    Hey! The patch will get a full translation don’t worry.:) The team who will translate this is currently translating Re:digitized so you will need to wait a little longer.(yes it’s the same team!) Apparently there is a good chance that the patch (for re:digitized) will be finished this year,so re:digitized will shorten your waiting for adventures.^^

  • zuuum

    It’s on hold because of re:digitize. After the patch is out they’ll continue on adventures.

  • Nico

    Who said that? xhai said nothing about that on his last post.
    This project has nothing to do with re-digitize they are different groups.

  • zuuum

    I know that there is one group that tries to translate both games. I’m not aware of the number of translation groups so maybe I’m talking about a different group, so sorry.
    Is it okay if I give you a link to where I read it?

  • Nico

    I saw where you read that now, the first page of the Digimon Adventure thread on GBATemp, that info is old and no longer valid teams have changed some time ago, read the last page of that topic specially posts by xhai he is in charge of the translation now.

    This guys translate Digimon Adventure:
    And this guys translate re-digitize:

  • zuuum

    nope, I didn’t read it on GBATemp.:)

    It’s in the comment section of your second link. They worked way back on Adventure but put it on hold. Actually Romsstar just commented a few hours ago about the possibility of helping xhai and his team if they need any assistants. Just read the last comments on the last update. They usually don’t make new updates but just small news in the comment section so I’m not surprised nobody knows about their plans.

    anyway, thanks for the first link. I’ll keep an eye on that as well and keep up the good work Nico!^^

  • Zahira

    Can you upload them in putlock?

  • Nico

    It’s one of the mirrors.
    putlocker changed name to firedrive months ago maybe that’s why you don’t see it, or maybe you didn’t check?

  • Nico

    Ah lol yeah go to putlocker.com see what happens.

  • Zahira

    Nico can you post the link of PPSSPP games compatibility ?

  • Nico

    write on google “ppsspp compatibility list” first result.

  • Zahira

    Got it thx for the help

  • http://nicoblog.org Nico

    Do you need it to apply the patch by this team or u want the scene release “Digimon_Adventure_JPN_PSP-KAiJU”? because the scene release iso doesn’t work with this patch they use a random iso by someone else. So i need to know if you are gonna patch it or leave it in JPN.

  • Alex Trident

    The opening song really bring back memories… Q.Q

  • CheeseCake

    I would like to tell you….. Digimon Adventures 03 anime is coming out this Spring 2015. The direct sequel to the first 2 digimon series, Digimon Adventures 01 and 02. This is all due to Digimon’s 15th anniversary.

    Taichi is now 17 years old, the English trailer said.(They have an English site set up for Digimon 03)

  • Alex Trident

    This spring 2015!? seriously? cant wait to see… :D