• HB

    Does it work????

  • Anis FrootLoops Boutaleb

    password please nico :D

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico
  • Mr. Dude

    Hey Nico i need help, i got the DBZ Tag team game on my PSP but every time i go to load game, it goes all black and nothing happens. It just stays black. Any way to fix it? Thanks.

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    Is your PSP updated? what CFW?

  • Mr. Dude

    Sorry for such the late reply, 6.60 Pro-B10

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    I see. it can be caused by CSO compression.

    Try this:
    Download UMDGen: http://www.nicoblog-games.com/psp-iso/umdgen-v4-00-download.html
    Open the Game with UMDGen and click SAVE->Uncompressed ISO
    Give it a name for example: “DBZ tenkaichi tag team.iso”

    Save this new iso on the desktop or anywhere.
    And copy this iso to your PSP, delete the old CSO from the psp, so you don’t get confused.

    Let me know if this works.

  • Mr. Dude

    No, it still doesn’t work.

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    Then i will have to reupload this game on another version.

  • Mr. Dude

    Alright thanks, Ive been dying to play this game. Just let me know when you’ve re-uploaded it.

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    Done, this version is much bigger than the other, hopefully it will work perfectly. Make sure you delete the old one.

  • Mr. Dude

    Sorry for the late reply, just now got the chance to do it. No it still doesn’t work, maybe it can be the CFW i have?

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    i can load fine with the version you downloaded on my CFW (6.60 pro-c2) B10 is a very good firmware as well, it shouldn’t give any problem, anyway i’ve changed the download links you can try with the version i uploaded now it should definitely work.

  • Mr. Dude

    Yeah i changed my FW to Pro-C2 it works perfectly now, thanks.

  • julian torres

    hey nico i need some help , I downloaded dbz tag team then extracted the parts to one on winrar after that 2 files came up on winrar one was PSP Game the other was was umd something , well anyways i drag the psp game file to my iso file then when the transfer was finished i unplug my psp go and when to game storage where all my games are and didnt see dbz ttt i used fast recovery to see if it works but no ;( by the way this my first time using iso , my cfw is 6.60Pro-b9 on psp go plz help .asap

  • julian torres

    nevermined it works ;) sorry , best website ever

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico
  • julian torres

    alright thx a lot ! ;)

  • farid

    nico you’re cool!

  • Raymond

    You are the best nico!!!! :D i like this website so much!

  • abbas ali

    this game is very coll thanks nico

  • abbas ali

    yes its works

  • Andhika Viriya

    Nico, pls upload it to other host like 4shared cos tusfiles and the other is getting worse

  • Great12

    Mine doesn’t work too. I’m just a kid

  • lorenzo

    what is the password

  • Satoshi Kyouma

    it’s on the description~


  • Guest

    Nico part 4 5 6 volume corupt reupload please

  • Muhd Hasmadi

    nico part 2 corupt and end of archive part 4 end of archive and corupt reupload please

  • Nico


  • Redley Cunanan

    sir nico. i already downloaded the 3 parts(400mb,400mb,257mb rars), but when i extract them, i got only 1.27GB.. is this corrupt or what??

    when i try the game, doesnt work.. i need help plsss

  • XAraragiX

    when u extract is there any error??
    what error comes up when u’re running it??
    And are u playin on real psp or emu?

  • Redley Cunanan

    nothing shows error.. just nothin at all T_T they said here t must be 1.28GB.. but mine only 1.27GB? when i extract its ok,, and when i download it, its 100% finished the 3 parts rars..

  • XAraragiX

    that minor difference is not likely the matter
    if the game won’t run it’s usually firmware related
    what’s your current firmware??

  • Redley Cunanan

    no.. that’s the point, the 0.1gb was missing?? do you think it will run even its not complete?? this was the first time i encounter a problem here at sir nico’s site ^_^ i download already many games here, this was the only exotic thing XD and my downloader (IDM)

  • Nico

    The post was wrong it should be 1.27GB.
    If it extracted without errors you can be 100% the ISO is fine.
    The problem is not the iso what firmware are you suing? make sure you have pro-c fix 3 from the guides section.

  • XAraragiX

    True just like nico said

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