Evil Zone/Eretzvaju (JPN) SLPS-01790 PSX2PSP

Even after the evil creature known as Ihadurca had been trapped and confined within the Evil Zone, the people of Kumi Island were in grave danger. Knowing all too well that the foul monster will escape in due time, the Kumi citizens organized a tournament to find out who the strongest warrior is. Because of the imminent escape of Ihadurca, the strongest must step forward to win the tournament and ultimately face the inter-dimensional demon. Only one will survive the tournament, but whether or not that fighter can survive the power of Ihadurca is up to you. Evil Zone is a 3D, arena-based fighting game featuring over ten Japanese Manga inspired characters. Each one has his or her own unique reason for entering the tournament as well as special moves and combo attacks. You have the ability to execute long range projectile attacks as well as close quarters throws, kicks and punches. Characters also earn crystals (via a secondary power meter) that can be used to pull off very damaging maneuvers.

There are five different gameplay options including survival, training, versus and story. The story mode is different for every character and features story screens in between battles. Completing the different stories unlocks hidden things, such as art galleries and a musical jukebox in which you can sample the game’s music. The training mode helps you get used to the fighting system and the versus feature lets you fight it out with a friend.


- The songs used in the opening, closing, and Erel’s stage had vocals in the Japanese version. The entire tracks was replaced in the English version. The original music for the opening credits in the Japanese version was titled “Kiss In The Dark”, performed by popular Japanese pop artist, Masami Okui.
- Alty and Setsuna are actually older in the English version than they are in the Japanese version. In Eretzvaju, Alty and Setsuna are teenagers, but they are both approximately 20 years old in Evil Zone.


Publisher: Yuke’s Co. Ltd.
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: 14 January 1999
Disc ID: SLPS-01790
ISO size: 562 MB
Image Format: EBOOT.PBP
Region: NTSC-J
Languages: Japanese


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