Fate/Extra CCC (JPN)

Fate/Extra CCC

Head to the other side of the Fate Extra, the secret place where only the privileged few are allowed to enter. Because of a bug in the system, the Holy Grail wars is mutated. A new game starts, its lure and power draw magicians from across cyberspace.
Players are exposed to new dangers and the girls reveal a side of themselves that they have kept hidden in the first game. The person who knows the truth is Sakura, and the servant waiting to be claimed is Saber. Full of tension and seduction, this is an adventure that simply could not be missed.

Fate/Extra CCC has the same game mechanics as Fate/Extra with additional changes. The combat UI (user interface) has changed appearance and location. Players can now escape battles and dungeon floor level. Each servants has more combat animation and their Noble Phantasm animation changed. One of the noticeable changes is there are more voices recording in cutscenes.

Both genders of the Protagonist and the Servants will each have an alternate costume. There will be additional costumes for the Servants, and a save game from Fate/Extra will give the player character an alternate school gym outfit.

All of the Characters have a Secret Garden and Punish Start session (if you collect enough information on the SG). It shows the fetishes, likes, dislikes, etc. The Secret Gardens may be Male pictures (if you choose the female protagonist, except for your Servants and bosses) or Female Pictures (if you choose the male protagonist, except for your Servants and bosses).
Sources: Wikia - PlayAsia

03134-0303134-1803134-1703134-10Fate/Extra CCC PSP Cover Front Art Box

Release Name: Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA
Original Name: フェイト/エクストラ CCC
Publisher: Marvelous AQL
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 2013-04-07
Media Format: UMD
Disc ID: NPJH-50505
ISO size: 1.1 GB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: Japanese

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