Fate/Extra CCC (JPN) PSP ISO

Fate/Extra CCC

Release Name: Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA
Original Name: フェイト/エクストラ CCC
Publisher: Marvelous AQL
Genre: RPGFate/Extra CCC PSP Cover Front Art Box
Release Date: 2013-04-07
Media Format: UMD
Disc ID: NPJH-50505
ISO size: 1.1 GB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: Japanese

Review by Red Phantoms:

Red Phantoms avatarOVERVIEW
Fate Extra CCC is the 2nd installment from Type Moon’s Fate Extra series. The game itself is a breed of visual novel, RPG and bit of dungeon crawling element. it happened right between prequel’s semi final and final match. Yet the ending was an epilogue right after the first game ending. so i guess i can say it was asequel. =_=a
Experience the virtual world created by the moon super computer aka S.E.R.A.P.H. Investigate the the incident related to S.E.R.A.P.H while racing against time to the core of the system and preventing it’s take over by some mysterious individual.
You can play right on into this title, but it was strongly recommended, that you finish the prequel for better understanding of the story.

You will be continuing the role of either male or female silent protagonist as one of participant of the exclusive “holy Grail War”. Right after you finish the semi final, you will find such a strange occurrence. At first you start to forget about something important. Then you started hearing things calling for you. And lastly you find maintenance NPC “Matou Sakura” pass out in front of school enterance.

Matou Sakura

After take care of her by bringing her to infirmary. You hear a mysterious announcement and the school was suddenly under attack by unknown program. Panicky you ran to the rooftop, witnessing your competitor devoured one by on along the way. In the end you were cornered and force to jump off the building.
You awake shortly after in a emergency world created in the far side of the moon as back up program for main holy grail war system. Together with your foe in the tournament you are tasked to investigate the situation directly under Student Council Assembly and try to revert the accident….
Student Council

The gameplay itself is generally tweaked but not stray too far from the 1st game. it focused in Visual novel department with addition of RPG and dungeon crawling part. So like before, Expect a heavy dialogue and text based description. The combat itself are generally the same. A glorified “Rock Paper scissors” game combined with skills, support magic, item and RPG style stat parameter with more animation and skill added to it.

Fate/Extra CCC Combat

Like the prequel, this game can be divided into Investigation and “diving into heart” session….. just bear it with me guys youll understand it later. The investigation part is where you will investigate the Maze and report your finding to student council assembly. Unortunately you will be obstructed by strange firewall that made by speecial ingridient with security level of a star. Which mean its is surpasing even the highest lv of security rating and can be considered as indestrucable locked door with no key hole. So it was imposibble to breach by hacking. As story progressed it will be revealed that the firewall are made by will of the girl to protect their secret…..(no offense, but considering how do they like gossiping, i dont think it was good idea) O_O

Fate/Extra CCC PSP 1

So since the girl in question is happened to be master from your foe, it was your job to find their secret and deliberately embarrassed them in public……. well after all the student council always in contact in open channel with you so….. meh.
After undoing 3 firewall by those funn….. ehem embarrassing moment each girl will make her final resort by making a relief wall that is far more superior to the firewall. This wall is actually the representative of their heart and anxiety. the only way to bypass it are to dive right into their heart by using ancient art and fight against their anxiety………… literally. Hence “dive into heart session”. In this session you will fight like in prequel’s Tournament mode and as trophy this game also adding “punish mode” after battle. Basically the girl will make a statement and you have to response with a counter which is actually related to their secret. The more correct answer the less petal obstructing the image…. yep Fan service…..=_=)a

Fate/Extra CCC fan service 1Fate/Extra CCC fan service 2

One section that heavily tweaked is your servant. Beside the 3 original Partner serving as 3 difficulty, the developer adding 2 more playable servant. Gilgamesh a newcomer that literally considered as cheat difficulty level and a for spoiler sake just let me call her anonymous servant acting as guest for short time. This game also add costume for both your master and servant to choose. Sadly they took away Alteration of Soul which mean your servant is now had a fixed stat parameter. Yep no more magical saber T_T
Lastly the developer really responded the fan complain for the prequel mandatory grinding and tweaking level growth. Thus you can just focus to explore the dungeon and progress the story yet you still ready for the boss considering you play your card right.

Solid visual novel / RPG with ton of add on from the original. With 4 Servant route + extra route that unlockable after 1st playtrough, this game are meant to have a big replayability. Not to mention the developer also fix the grinding issue. Too bad they took away alteration of soul. I also find the lack of servant in roster and decision to replace servant identity investigation with girl secret is….. disappointing. Despite all its flaw this game are generally have better gameplay than its prequel.

BTW more costume display on the way >_<
Fate/Extra CCC CostumesFate/Extra CCC Naked

and for gorls too O_O

Secret Garden

-Fate/Extra CCC PSP ISO Download-

Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA Part 1
Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA Part 2
Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA Part 3
Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA Part 4
Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA Part 5
Fate_Extra_CCC_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiA Part 6
Password: “http://www.nicoblog-games.com” (without ” “)

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  • pixy

    is there an english patch to this ? DX

  • Zack

    There are no English patch for it, some groups are planning on it but it would not be soon, maybe next year or so.

  • pixy

    thank you … actually im really patien XD still waiting for
    Fate/hollow to complete translation for 2 years XD

  • Acetaldehyde

    heard theirs like 2500 different character coombinations in japanese that can be used… not to mention those extra ones that aren’t even recognized…. and the ones that aren’t used anymore because they’re too old. god damn i cant learn this lol

  • Edelfelt

    what a password to open fate extra ccc.part1?

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    It there really no hope for this game.Why don’t aksys say anything about this game.It hurt to be a fate fan.

  • BOSS


  • Faust

    hah hah… i hear some people are actually sending petition to aksys to localized them if you want i’ll give you the address. hey nico thanks for sharing so much keep us posted yeah?


  • Faust

    perhaps…. i’m aware that psp is living on a borrowed time now… but still i’d like to think that is possible for this game to be translated by aksys…. or perhaps other fan-translation group… a little optimism won’t hurt.

    by the way how’s the game nico? is it good for you?

  • Fadly Ginanjar

    @Nico English Patched?

  • http://ninjamohawk.blogspot.com Ninjamohawk

    Wish this was in english or that I spoke Japanese. I signed that petition anyway even though it’s 99.9% impossible. Oh well. loved the hell out of the first game.

  • AhegaoKiD

    is there someone out there translating this game? a fan translation for example
    an answer would be much appreciated thanks

  • yooko

    we need you to sign your signatures
    i hope this fate extra ccc release in english version
    its only petition, but it may our chance to get english version for this fate series ^_^
    thanks before..


  • Juvia Lockster

    I hope there will be undubbed version of this game in the near future

  • LEL

    Oh expect it to have an ENG for it is from aksys you know.

  • Raze Aurelius

    dude, is the download link broken?

    some download link not working for me

  • Sialus

    just learn the important ones and you’ll survive, I guess.

  • DERP

    Nico , undubbed refers to eng subs with jap audio aka eng patch

  • Sialus

    Just write eng patch then. Theres no need for a roundabout.

  • DERP

    well it usual refers to when US companies bring games over and they get it dubbed but do not bother to include dual audio, hence to undub means to rip the audio from US game and replace with original audio; its actual quite common when ATLUS is involved…

  • Juvia Lockster

    if I can make one I would already done it dude

  • Juvia Lockster

    dude read this post carefully but if you still can’t find it it’s nicoblog
    that’s the password

  • Sialus

    I mean when you requested the patch from Admin Nico.

  • Muhammad Nadhil Syarif

    whether fate extra ccc have usa version????

  • Teku

    ok this has a patch right i seen people playing it with english

  • Juvia Lockster

    of course not my friend the english that you saw is just some word that the developer used for the japanese player some of the kanji of those hard to pronounce so instead they change it into alphabet

  • Teku

    no really English Translation i seen someone stream it on twitch

  • Guest

    then could you give me the link?

  • Juvia Lockster

    nah~ I already saw it that definitely a fake after all this game still new so if there is a fan translate version it would take some time

  • Teku

    ok it might of been and order ccc game i think

  • Sarah Login

    Dub localization is the process of adding voice overs, has NOTHING to do with subtitles.

    Nico was correct, theres no way this gets dubbed.

  • LoRo1987

    Any chance for US/EUR players for get it in English like prequel?

  • DERP

    well by subs i meant text in general, and undubs just take eng game and replace audio

  • Guest

    why when I change the voice from off to on it said I need some sort of UMD?

  • Nanih Jhayne Yunnoh

    is there english patch

  • Valkyr

    nope…not yet……fate/extra was a miracle……no idea how it got to NA and EU…

  • Nanih Jhayne Yunnoh

    ok tnkz

  • Juvia Lockster

    u can still play it even if u can’t read japanese as long as you understand japanese

  • Valkyr

    rly? i can understand japanese and read a little but still there is a lot of non voiced dialoge…

  • Nanih Jhayne Yunnoh

    i wish .. but is not easy

  • Juvia Lockster

    yup you can still play but you can’t savor the taste of the story 100%

  • mwahaha

    What the difference with fate/extra? Is it sequel or extension? And can I play these game if I never played fate/night or watch the anime fate/night and fate/zero?


    HOW TO DOWNLOAD Cant Download it

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/ChromeJailer ChromeJailer

    This is like the Sequel of Fate/Extra. I’d recommend watching the Anime, or reading/playing the Visual Novel Fate/Stay Night fist, then watching Fate/Zero, after that play Fate/Extra, and after that play Fate/Extra CCC.
    You’ll understand, and love the story better this way ;)

    I’m sorry to be a little late :P

  • Baskoro Adhi Thama


  • http://www.takahasi-animania.blogspot.com iLoupGarou


  • http://www.takahasi-animania.blogspot.com iLoupGarou

    Can I ask a question will the God Eater 2 release a eng patch???
    Already done with Burst really want to play it

  • Tony Nguyen

    Anybody Know when the English translation will come? i really wann play it.

  • Tony Nguyen

    Dame it

  • Frank Anderson

    It is really a shame, I wanted to play this. The first game was pretty good. D:

  • Tendo Souji

    umm, guys i wanna ask you something, how many servant that i can choose?

  • XAraragiX

    saber,archer,caster, gilgamesh

  • Tendo Souji

    hmm, so the new one is gilgamesh, is that good?

  • Ase

    whats this?? didnt play yet but can u even select a gender that u want to play?

  • Tony Nguyen

    Its really a good game but i am crossing my finger hope someone made a translation of this game

  • XAraragiX

    in this game he isnt one of the 7 class,that explain how BADASS he is
    his personality is a prick though (ARROGANT LIKE FUCK)

  • XAraragiX

    u can
    just like the 1st fate extra

  • Ase

    ohhh thats great!

  • Guest

    Is the limited addition type-moon virgin white box included?

  • Guest

    I need a little help in the chapter on melon-chan I’ve tried talking to all NPCs and even change the clothes, but the floor after floor 09 would be completion, has absolutely nothing but 2 blue walls locked, what exactly do I do? I do not understand Japanese and whit this situation difficult to understand ta equal to the previous where I had to unequip my clothes to open the door ‘-‘

    sorry for the bad english, I can not solve this problem try as.

  • ♥Jai♥

    i think its better to search your problem on youtube, just type what part of story you are and add the word ”walkthrough” it might be helpful

  • Jay

    join us signing up for the localization of the game!
    its only petition, but it may our chance to get english version for this fate series ^_^
    thanks before..


  • Jay

    join us signing up for the localization of the game!

    its only petition, but it may our chance to get english version for this fate series ^_^

    thanks before..


  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/ChromeJailer ChromeJailer

    Okay, don’t post the same comment 3-4 times~! It doesn’t appear instantly because comments with links need moderation first.
    Also, I really don’t think any company would agree to localize this for the PSP now~ (Which is very sad)
    Especially with the rise of the PS Vita~

  • Jay

    sorry T.T my internet is a bit messed up and it said the comment was unsuccessful… and sadly I have to agree with your point with PSP games… there will be some demands but not as much as they would have before..

  • unknown

    Can you patch the game ? English patch for PSP game Fate/Extra CCC is available to download from *edited*

    Here you will learn how to apply patch *edited*

  • Balthazar Hawke

    Our only hope is to learn Japanese lol

  • Satoshi Kyouma

    if all fails,we die………….


  • unknown

    Really ? Sorry I didn’t knew

  • Van Jatnika

    well i found translation story for this game : http://tsukinoura.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/entry-1-data-entry/

  • Razor Maxx

    If anyone wants to help, this group started translating Fate/Extra CCC

    Currently in Need of members

  • Emanuel Tavares

    maybe tradukosoft will translate

  • Emanuel Tavares
  • AyameShirayuki

    when you find a decent english patch for this game, will you post it?

  • Valkyr

    I dont know if the translation will be ready before or after I finish learning japanese xD…

    I say………MMmmm…maybe 3 years, or 2 if they dont stall…

  • Mr House

    ikr, rather than waiting for the translation that will take a lot of time (around 2-3 years) it will be faster to learn japanese which took around 2 years if you really-really serious in learning it (or desperately)

  • Valkyr

    spiritus miser praeteritorum. vivat sicut legiones numerantur!

    (sry had to do it)

  • Emanuel Tavares

    someone know what is this??

  • Eduardo

    battle menu english ?

  • Emanuel Tavares

    but no skill description

  • SHassassin

    Nico, there is a possible English patch of this released today. Not sure if it is true or not. Please check out. Look it up on Youtube

  • http://nicoblog.org Nico

    Youtube videos claiming to have patches are all fakes.
    And if you refer to “rgtranslations” it’s a scam site with surveys and no real patches.

  • Rina

    I don’t think you will find your answer by now, but in case anyone here wondered about what it says, it is ‘Anderson Matrix is updated’