Heroes Phantasia (JPN) PSP ISO

Heroes Phantasia

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Developer: Banpresto
Genre: RPG
Version: Japan
Size: 1.31GB
Format: ISO
Players: 1
Supplier: PLAYASiA
Disc ID: NPJH-50558
Realease Date: 2012-01-19
Official Website: http://heroes-p.channel.or.jp/


Download: Part 1 –  Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 – Part 6

Password: “http://www.nicoblog-games.com” (without ” “)

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  • Oh Gr

    This game looks pretty cool. Wow Orphen…first time ive ever seen him in a game.

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    Fantastic Game.Too bad i don’t know any of these heroes.

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    No.I’m a jump fan I watched Anime like (Gintama,Death Note,Fate zero,Bakuman,DBZ).I heard about these shows but never get the chance to watch them.

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    found one (darker than black.wonderful anime).

  • Darkz

    What? You never watched the Slayers or Keroro gunso?

  • Darkz

    Also for those running PPSSPP,it doesn’t run with the newest version,but it does run with the v0.7.6-977-g58c992d version oddly enough.

  • Guest

    haha..sergeant keroro definitely must watch. are kintaro (outside japan called spooky kitaro) playable in this game? ah they should put saeba ryo too :)

    edit : already in hdd for 3 month but never played it XD

  • Ron.

    it didn’t run with v0.8.1? or v0.9.1?

  • Hmz

    Do you guy’s know Japanese

  • Ron.

    Japanese language is like math’s calculus. i can’t understand what it is

  • Hmz

    Well that’s True
    Then how do you play these games

  • Ron.

    Umm, this game is basically a tag-team game. for example, try Katekyo! Hitman Reborn Kizuna no Tag Battle (available here). it’s a basic tag team game. so how do i understand what are they talking about? simple. i don’t :D

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    i watched keroro gunso.love it.

  • Jack Kuirser

    This has Hei from DTB o.o that’s the only reason I’m interested in it right now xD

  • Hmz

    Okay got it

  • Oh Gr

    Gawd…this game is so easy.

  • Bio Saiyan

    actually there is a orphen game for the ps2 called orphen the scion of sorcery

  • Bio Saiyan

    anyone know of a english patch for this game

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/ChromeJailer ChromeJailer

    Well… A quick google search showed this…

    Too bad, since it looks like a good game…

  • riff07

    screen turns white apon start up help

  • Karl Cipriano

    true xD anime these days are full of loli xD how sad :(