Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (English Patched)

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD ver. PC

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD ver. is a high definition remastering of the game for the PlayStation 3 which can be played on a PC using PSP emulators such as PPSSPP or JPCSP, is the first of Sony’s “PSP Remasters” series for the PS3.
It was released in Japan on August 25, 2011 and features enhanced HD graphics, 3D support and shared save support with the PSP.


1. What is this?
A remastered version of Monster hunter portable 3rd for PS3.

2. Can i play this ISO on my PSP?
No. If you want to play MHP3rd on PSP get the regular version.

3.Why are you uploading this?
Because it can be played on emulators while the regular MHP3rd doesn’t work.

4. How come the regular MHP3rd doesn’t work and the HD remaster does?
Acording to daxtsu from PPSSPP forums:

Because of this(read post #18): The PS3/HD version doesn’t use scePauth, and thus can run.”

5. Is this game in English?

Originally is not, but i’ve had patched the ISO with Team Mavericks 5.0 English Patch which translates the game.

6. The game runs slow on my PC, how to fix it?
Best Graphics Cards For The Money: September 2013

-Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD PSP ISO Download-

Monster_Hunter_Portable_3rd_HD Part 1
Monster_Hunter_Portable_3rd_HD Part 2
Monster_Hunter_Portable_3rd_HD Part 3
Monster_Hunter_Portable_3rd_HD Part 1
Monster_Hunter_Portable_3rd_HD Part 2
Monster_Hunter_Portable_3rd_HD Part 3

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  • Yuu Hibiki Fujikawa

    Support Shared Save? you mean when i play this on PC. Saved. then copy that save on PC to PSP which i have MH 3rd on it. then i can countinue that save ???

  • Mr.Oppai

    Wait, so this is Monster Hunter 3rd for the PS3?!?!?!
    So what i have to do is put the ISO On my USB Stick then on the PS3 Right?

  • Yuu Hibiki Fujikawa

    i think so :))

  • KuppoDesu

    nicoooooo~~~ thank you sooo muuccchhh~ >w<"

  • Yuu Hibiki Fujikawa

    ok, i’ll try. thanks anyway

  • Moch Hafid Rupawan

    nico … “Failed to Load Executable: ”
    how to fix it ?? should I download it again ?? (I use ppsspp v 0.81) thnx ^-^

  • John Nicanor Jonathan

    I guest it isn’t for psp but for ps3

  • Jonathan Chandra Suryajaya

    i can play this on ppsspp right ?

  • Jonathan Chandra Suryajaya

    thx for uploading this game sir

  • Rabbit

    Link for Part 5 doesn’t work.

  • Adrian Ken

    Links are down :(

  • BOSS

    Do any of the other HD ver. psp games like K-On or Strikeforce 2 run on ppsspp?

  • Guest

    hi nico…. i got the same problem here, and i use ppsspp v0.81, btw whats the UMDGen.. is it already on ppsspp??? cant find the “tab” tnx in advance! keep it up!

  • michael cioco

    hi nico… the name is NPJB 40001

  • michael cioco

    why cant i play it on ppsspp….”failed to load executable” nico help meeeee!

  • Damara Oghie Mulqi

    Sorry sir what ppsspp version did you use to play the game, the game’s work great no lag or whatsoever, buuut it will crash in about 15-20 minutes and it says “Display Driver AMD Has Stopped Working And Recovered”, i’ve been update the drivers and the other stuff but the error still pops up :(

    I have no idea to fix it could you please help me cause i loved this game, take your time to respond to this post thank you :)

  • Damara Oghie Mulqi

    Ok thank you sir i’ll try and see if it work for me

  • Zander Valkiera

    Finally some Monster Hunter. My most favorite hunting game!..

  • Rabbit

    No need. It worked last night. :)

  • Reifen AtreiLight Kira

    part 3 putlocker link are dead sir . .~ . .

  • Reifen AtreiLight Kira

    the others are so slow T.T

  • Reifen AtreiLight Kira

    but i’m not using the premium account XD

  • Guest

    but . . but i’m not using the premium account XD

  • Reifen AtreiLight Kira

    really ?! yeah . .i also use putlocker when in putlocker i got 700KBps and the rest of them i only got 40-70KBps . .

  • Reifen AtreiLight Kira

    i mean the rest of them in mirrorcreator :3

  • januar

    can i play it in ps3

  • Reifen AtreiLight Kira

    hmmm . . i guess the problems is because i’m not in europe XD

  • Thomas

    Oddly enough, It’ll start up and show me the Capcom logo then it’ll turn to black? is it my emulator that is the problem?

  • Daniel Riceman Lee

    Just as Nico said, there’s bit of problem in the game itself when ran through the emulator. Don’t worry about it, just press start or X button to just skip the black screen. It’s the pretty much the only time you’ll see the black screen

  • MrChrizyzel .

    hi nico, im not good in english but i hope u feel my deepest thanks… i’ve played it and everything works great… i hope that you also patch ff type-0 someday… salamat and mabuhay… =)

  • Donnie Leonardo

    hi nico, can you make or upload the monster hunter portable 3rd remaster hd patch? i already have the iso game, but i can’t open it, so i need the patch (if the size are small) cause my internet speed is low and it takes 1 week for me to download the iso. ok thats all thx (sorry for my bad english)

  • Richard Valencerina

    Is this working on PPSSPP V0.91 ?

    Because mine is patched already but it gives me some boxes

  • Anonymous

    Why are there 6 parts? How to download? Sorry, as it is my first time on this site.

  • Anonymous

    Ok Thanks :)

  • Guest

    hi, can you make it play online or multiplayer i always wanted to play multiplayer can you make it to connect to internet or can you make it so i can play multiplayer with LAN if you can please make it….
    sorry for my bad english

  • Rizky Ardika

    link for part 6 couldn’t open , link error , please check again ..

  • Donnie Leonardo

    i can open it, maybe you just have to try again

  • Rathalos

    why is the game all in parts? and how would you combine them anyway?

  • Candra Wijaya

    thx, it’s work

  • Vanellope

    This is a Remade MH3 for PS3.

    You can’t play it on PSP. You can play it on the EMULATORS though.

    And you could also read. I mean. There’s already answers to your redundant Questions. GO up. up up up.

  • Donnie Leonardo

    hey Nico, sorry for stupid question before but, can you upload Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Airu Village? i just want to get the bonuses thx

  • y0mgi

    Merci pour tout, vous faites du super boulot! Bonne continuation à vous!

  • Donnie Leonardo

    he said “Thank you for everything you are doing a great job! Good luck to you!”

  • Donnie Leonardo

    ok thx nico…….
    but can you tell me where’s the request thread? where i can go to request thread? i just don’t know or can you just give me the link…..
    sorry for bad english

  • Donnie Leonardo

    okay, thats my mistake i didn’t see it before…….
    no need to reply

  • randy kp

    i want to ask why I can’t open in ppsspp emulator it’s says failed to load executeable thanks

  • Fadly Ginanjar

    Try another version

  • Fadly Ginanjar

    No its fast

  • Muhammad Coiril Mu’minin

    thx sir ,…

  • adityadante

    part 3 error in putlocker link

  • winz

    this iso isnt fully translated :(

  • JahJah Kass

    Is it possible to download some quets for exemple the one to have Tessaiga from the anime Inuyasha?

  • AldianoDans

    Thank nico

  • Aveonyx

    On my android the password link can’t be open what the password is?

  • Jai§

    Will this work for PPSSPP android?? or PPSSPP for PC only? which one do i need to download to play for PPSSPP android?

  • Zhie Clips


  • Xasriel

    Are the event quests unplayable? I started one but my sword just passed through the monster and didn’t cause any damage.

  • Gessekai

    Sorry if this question has already been answered, but is this multiman compatible?

  • Mharkz Pontiano

    Hey Guys can someone tell me how to DL the Event Quest and the BBQ stuff in the farm.. kinda need it for some advancement :) ,
    when i try to DL it the PPSSPP stops T_T

  • Mharkz Pontiano

    well i just notice its already added on the quest :) ,

  • Yuma

    What do you mean multiman…? you mean ps3…? :0 if it so, then yes, it works..

  • Yuma

    Well, if you guys want to play this on multiplayer with friends…
    try this… ^~^

  • Guest

    How can I play this on my PS3? I need an ISO extractor or something?

  • sagrath

    part 3 putlocker please

  • Muhammad Rusydi Aziz

    may i ask?

    how to play this MHP 3rd HD PPSSPP with the other? (ex: online or LAN)

  • HD

    Hey can i play this online? with someone else?

  • Yuma

    Yes… im not sure about the online.. but you can play it on multiplayer… please read the comments.. just scroll down.. =.=

  • HD

    OOH oki thanks lol

  • Gagana Ghifary Ilham

    pass error -_-

  • Vaan24

    Nico, is this game english patch still not complete ? ‘Cause there are still Japanesse text in there.

  • Sky Wings

    wait so this is a ps3 iso and you can play it on psp emulator ?
    dafuq O_o

  • Sky Wings

    and I was happy for thinking I finally found a PS3 emu ;-;

  • Guest

    excuse me sky could u give me the link where to download ps3 emu without survey ? thanks before.

  • Veinard Rani

    Part 3 on Putlocker error !!

    Can you Fix it Please :(

  • eq

    part 3 always down in each link i tried since yesterday =|

  • eq

    at last ! finally ! the game really works fine =D lalalaaa ~ tx nico (y)

  • Sky Wings

    I’m searching for the same thing bro :(

  • Vaan24

    Nico can you upload the ISO again if the new patch from TMO released ?
    Cause I think it will release any time soon

  • Veinard Rani

    my ppsspp can work on my pc :(

    i have install mvsual C++ 2010 but still not work … !!

  • Fendish

    thank’s Nico good game, keep it up broo

  • Kevinaire Par

    need help

  • Bryan Parco

    hey nico u save my day ^_^ i downloaded the wrong game ahahaha! what a waste of time but tnx 2 u i can play it.

  • Kanade Yuki

    Is there any easier guide on how to play multiplayers via online?

  • Yoga Ari Putra

    so i can play this game in ppsspp emulator??

  • Yoga Ari Putra

    hey niko so can i play this game in ppsspp 0.9.6???

    in my pc
    core i3
    ram 2gb
    vga inter hd grafik 128 mb

  • Guest

    I play it in core i3 2gb ram n vga intel hd graphic (768mb but don’t know how much ram used in this)And it’s laggy. So i play mhp3rd normal version with auto frameskip on. Btw normal mhp3rd can be played as long you copy pauth for mhp3rd to pauth folder in ppsspp. Ask uncle google where to donload it

  • Guest

    I play it in core i3 2gb ram n vga intel hd graphic (768mb but don’t know how much ram used in this)And it’s laggy. So i play mhp3rd normal version with auto frameskip on. Btw normal mhp3rd can be played as long you copy pauth for mhp3rd to pauth folder in ppsspp. Ask uncle google where to donload it

  • Charlton Hestons

    Can I play this on my ps3?

  • bot

    The passwort for part 2 doesnt work for me or its a broken file, redownloaded it 2 more times and it doesnt work :/

  • MJ Khor

    How to load this game on PPSSPP (PC)? After I downloaded the rar file and extracted, there are all .bin file and no .iso file… Please help me, show me the steps to load in PPSSPP (PC). Thanks!

  • Reyza Fany

    Hey Nico I’m having trouble downloading part 3 because putlocker link is down, and the other links don’t work well if i don’t have premium account, could you upload it to alternative filehost such:Swankshare,Tusfiles,Uppit,etc?

  • JonnyTsunami

    I just have a quick question regarding the above statement about “shared save support”. Does that mean I can play my PSP save file on this HD version of the game on PPSSPP when I’m at home? Thanks to anyone who knows what’s up.

  • Viktor Delacroix

    I just use savestates, got to HR6, no problems thus far.

  • sherlocked

    same to me :( i was downloaded from from piratebay and its not working well even patched. thanks nico!

  • Staz

    how do i play it on PS3 when i downloaded all the parts?

  • Fikri Firmansyah

    hai nico
    how to play multiplyaer MH3rd with adhoc? PCtoPC

  • DarkWater

    Hey Nico I’m having trouble downloading part 3 because putlocker link is
    down, and the other links don’t work well if i don’t have premium
    account, could you upload it to alternative filehost
    such:Swankshare,Tusfiles,Uppit,Sharebeast, etc?

  • Reyza Fany

    Have you tried zippyshare? it’s fast enough you know.

  • Wesley Silva

    i have problem when extracting and go password always incorrect?
    pls help

  • Wesley Silva

    Is ok now sorry

  • Bryan Parco

    well I finished the game now and the graphics is so cool, but to think of it this game doesn’t have under water battle and doesn’t have other g rank armors like azure rathalos (with wings), lagiacrus armor, Brachydios armor and other monsters are not on this game so I’m bored and play the monter hunter freedom unite. Its way better because there is lot of cool armors but less weapon skills but its ok because its way too hard than MHP3rd.

    I hope they didn’t remove the other contents that MHU3 have because i love the under water battle and the cool armors that MHU3 have.

  • Bryan Parco

    I wish they would release the Monster Hunter 4 in PSP ^_^ can’t wait to play it!!!!!

  • Gundam Tanaka

    The game is still grossly mistranslated, at parts you have english, and at others you have NPC’s talking to you in japanese. The game does get patched at start (it says it loads a patch and all) but translation is missing on certain dialogues
    Other than that, I had the “The Memory Stick Used To Start This Game Is Not Inserted” problem on ppsspp but still who cares when you can save states right

  • iMharkz

    hehehe yea…some players dont mind the dialogues and so wat every NPC say they just want to slay any monster in this game :))

  • Reyza Fany

    The patch is not fully translate the game, and just translate important menus anyway :D

  • Faiz Hamidi

    my game crashes after i enter the hot spa… did anyone have the same problem?

  • Omar Rivero

    After i have all the parts downloaded am i just supposed to extreact the rars?

  • Omar Rivero

    Thanks for the help Nico!!

  • Akray

    does the game work on android whith ppsspp ?

  • Zack Fair

    does it work in android ppsspp?

  • Al-Jabar Marilan

    Nice, my pocket is really empty so i can’t buy a psp nor the game itself.

  • captain obvious

    would be better with psvita

  • タクル関口

    Can someone give another link part3 that resumable? please…
    I have lack connection… :D

  • Bagas Sie BarceloNista

    what files damaged part 3?

  • XDreamakerz

    hello, i want to ask,, if my iso already patched but not the latest version,, then i want to patch using v5.0.0,, am i need clean iso or can patch the game that already patched ?

  • ChromeJailer

    AFAIK, if you want to patch a game, you need a clean ISO.

  • XDreamakerz

    btw, that’s just the example question xD
    what i mean is if i want to patch v5.0 to v6.0 (when released ofc)
    and here the answer i found at ppsspp forum,, hope this help other member with the same question as me :D

  • Vin

    is it really possible using 3rd portble save file on this game ?
    using ppsspp of course

  • XAraragiX

    it should work

  • Vin

    great !
    thx for answer

  • XAraragiX

    well he stated it himself only a few patches are like this others need a clean one

  • NeedHelp

    hi, i just find out i have been downloading the wrong mh3rd, and this hd verision is the one for ppsspp. but i after i set up everything, at the start up it keeps telling me the data is corrupted. someone pls help!!

  • CruxisVale

    you probably have cheats enabled. turn it off and it should work

  • Seiryo kenkyusha

    argh wrong passed please solusion,

  • Seiryo kenkyusha

    please nico solusion ?

  • coolwaterinaglass

    “Corrupt file or wrong password.”

    ^ Try to re-enter the password and if that doesn’t work, redownload that part.

  • ChromeJailer

    Yes, without “ ”

  • NeedHelp

    it is off/disabled/not ticked, so what seems to be the problem?

  • Angel

    So’m confused a little.Sorry for that…
    This is like, what, PS3 game? not PSP one??

    I mean it said up there PS3 game that can be played on PC with PSP emulator…. wait, what?!

    Please help me understand what’s going on… :(

  • Vd Atet

    this game work or not if me play in ps3

  • cryptrat

    I have downloaded part.2 from 4 different mirrors now and all get the same error:

    Monster_Hunter_3rd_HD_ver.part2.rar: Checksum error in the encrypted file Monster Hunter 3rd HD ver.iso. Corrupt file or wrong password.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated, and thanks

  • Emanuel Tavares

    if I try to play this game with the other version for psp , it does not work in ppsspp? Any reason for this pick and the other not?

  • Randito Tuah Randhika

    have problem when extract the rar
    it said “J:GamesOfflinePSP RomMonster Hunter 3rdMonster_Hunter_3rd_HD_ver.part2.rar: Packed data CRC failed in Monster Hunter 3rd HD ver.iso. The volume is corrupt”

  • mostafa1990

    can i play online ?

  • Ronv

    i think you can if you use hamachi and change some settings in the ppsspp

  • Rahmat Asynser

    part 2 is error, please repaire that rar

  • Rahmat Asynser

    how can you repair the part 2.rar?… please help me!…

  • randomtomato

    stuck at confirm character name. help?

  • Hanif Fadhilah

    part 4 is error. please repair.

  • Sheen Nunez

    Is There Any Way That I Can Download This Through Torrent? Answers Would Be Very Appreciated!

  • Sheen Nunez

    Oh Ok, Thanks Bro!

  • Hanif Fadhilah

    atur thank you… :)

  • Jefryco Lukas

    why link putlocker not available in part3 because it very vast link.
    please fix

    sorry for my english speech (im indonesian)

  • Jefryco Lukas

    Zippyshare lag for me.
    ok i will waiting for you


  • Jian yuda

    I can’t DL part 6, for some reason it keeps restarted

  • Armando Rojas

    Thanks it worked! 1st english patched MH3 that works on my ppsspp android note 3

  • Rahmat Asynser

    part 2 is error, please repaire.

  • Guest

    please part 3 link putlocker

  • ag

    please part3 link putlocker…

  • Gekigami Rulla

    But it should not exist for psp this game?
    I swear having played once, it was in Japanese but on the psp and own this game. O.o

  • Gekigami Rulla

    Thank you! >.<
    But the translation is complete for psp? O.o

  • Wilson Lestat

    ya lo descargue , por Gdrive y me funciono full , descomprimio sin errores y en el emulador lo corrio perfecto

  • Juan Rodriguez

    whenever i do a quest now, around the 5minute mark, i get the ¨display driver has stopped resonding and recovered again problem¨ should i download the game again? it only happens with mh3rd.

  • Guest


  • Negi Springfield

    Hi ! I`ve downloaded the game , It looks nice and works fine when playing in PPSSPP Emulator , But I have one problem.

    Whenever I get to a Cinematic , Like in the opening , The screen is completely black , But when I get to the start menu , It`s fine and After creating a character , It goes to a cinematic or scene , But the screen is just a bunch of gray noise flickering.. ! Please help , Thank you !

  • Negi Springfield

    Oh never mind , I realize you just turn off the Postprocessing shaders.

  • Marvin Jake Tan Ramos

    always crashing. how to fix this?

  • Vin

    try to use the build ver of ppsspp

  • ced

    hi nico! can i ask you why after completing the quest in MHp3rd HD when i am going to get my rewards why is there no picture or screenshot at the background only the interface of the game thank you

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    can it play on ppsspp android?

  • Clark

    Im downloading the 1st part at file factory on my samsung mega, would it work? I’ll be using ppsspp emulator. I need reply asap

  • Clark

    How did you do it?

  • Clark

    Heres my emulator, need help, not a techie so i dont know what to do but to download the 3 parts at file factory

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    you need to dl all parts

  • Vin

    you must extract the rar file that you download first. lol

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    working good on my phone ty nico<3

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    btw im using ppsspp on my phone and newest build

  • Kevin

    Hi can somebody help me i already downloaded the 3 parts and extract one of the parts, but when i copy these to my PS3 and start it, it said “the operation is not allowed. use Cobra Firmware of Cobra USB” or something like that can somebody explain??

  • Michael DeLuca

    In the the cut scene when u are exiting the hall for the first time, half way through everything goes black. But after i can move around and only see my name and button prompts

  • Michael DeLuca

    Never mind, fixed it, just had to use an older version of PPSSPP.

  • Leandro Costa

    hi i nedd some help im new at this and i dont know what to do ive already downloaded the game nd extracted to a folder what do i do next?

  • Juan Roberto

    O I have to download all the parts of just one

  • arif

    first you must download ppspp emulator to play this games

  • Alberto Felyne

    can i play this patched version on ps3?

  • PBFuma

    Nico, this is the PSP version. NOT the PS3 version.

    PS3 version is 4GB.

  • Nico

    this iso is made from the ps3 version, all the extra files which make it 4GB are not needed and were left out. There’s no HD version for PSP the only HD version is the PS3 version.

  • PBFuma

    Thanks for clearing that out. I’ve asked everywhere and finally someone explains regarding the file size.

  • Oscar Toledo

    Is it possible to transfer my psp save file to the hd version? I’d hate to start over again.

  • Iknasius Ricky

    can play with ppsspp android???
    and ppsspp for pc???

  • CheeseCake

    MonHunt 3rd HD Ver. is for PPSSPP
    Mon Hunt 3rd regular edition is for PSP.

    The HD ver. is from the PS3 but because of the way it’s been programmed, it can run on the PPSSPP emulator only.

  • anonymous

    Is file factory for android,or can you use mirror too?

  • rudy tjhia

    I just need to unrar it right? no need for password?

  • Raven

    anyone got a copy of the DLC quests?

  • Mcgravy

    For those playing on pc, can you show me a pic of your settings for ppsspp? So far, mine doesn’t run too well :D

  • robbie gonzales


  • CheeseCake

    It’s for PPSSPP. You should read the thread instead of jumping straight to downloads

  • robbie gonzales


  • CheeseCake

    Most of it is in English, except for some of the NPC dialogues

    So it is playable until the end,

  • James Spears

    i keep getting an error on part 3 can you please help

  • James Spears


  • Neo Breguiles

    can this play together in adhoc with psp?

  • rydroned

    maybe the probs is on your pc. i played it fine, just some lag when loading area or when using save state, use the buffered rendering mode. and try return your settings to the default one, maybe you’ve changed it when you played other games (example : persona 3, grand knight historia)

  • Mcgravy

    Oh yeah, what do you do when ppsspp updates? I can’t transfer my save files and states. I tried looking in the forums and couldn’t find any solution.

  • rydroned

    hmm.. well i just copied the “memstick” folder from the original ppsspp folder, on prog files or my doc to the newly installed ppsspp version, i keep the old ones in case some of the games in my possession cant play well on new build

  • Mcgravy

    Thanks! I found the problem.
    Protip: Never use save state. It erases your save file, and you can’t transfer your save to an updated ppsspp

  • Halcón Negro

    En que version de emulador??

  • jesus salinas

    Hello Nico I’m new to the whole ppsspp emulator and when i run the game the text looks really bad I was wondering if theres a way to fix it
    I’m using the emulator on my nvidia shield

  • rydroned

    not sure if it erases save file tho..
    it did erase your save state files when something goes wrong to the ppsspp, or when something forced to close it, like blue screen.. but, theres nothing called over safety to save state on 1 or 2 others state to avoid corrupt..
    if it cant be automatically opened by pressing f3, you can always try to load your save states manually

  • Nico

    Check answers on this thread
    If you can’t find the answer there make a post in that very same thread.

  • Giovanni Caruzca Mamogay

    Hello, part 2 of the link is down. Do you have any advice how can i download the part 2 in filefactory.

    By the way sir nico, i love this site! Thanks!


    Ok i got it sir nico, i just use the mirror link ….. Thanks! the best

  • Zero Vi Britannia

    Part 2 unavailable

  • Razhell

    Use the mirrors. Depositfiles is a good choice.

  • Razhell

    Use the mirrors. Depositfiles is a good choice…

  • DanielBryanson

    Can I play this with my psp save?

  • Sleetui

    Can a PS Vita (exploited) be able to play this game or no?