Phantasy Star Portable 2 (USA) PSP ISO

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Release Name: Phantasy_Star_Portable_2_USA_PSP-pSyPSP
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: 2010-09-15Phantasy Star Portable 2 PSP Cover
Media Format: UMD
Disc ID: ULUS-10529
ISO size: 1.24GB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: English

Phantasy Star Portable 2 1Phantasy Star Portable 2 2Phantasy Star Portable 2 3

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Downloads:

Mirrors: Part 1 –  Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Password: “”

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  • Balthier

    hey Nico is It good ? :3
    i Played the Online One Once ….

  • Rizky Fahrul Rozy

    mirror creator please… :'(

  • James Escoto

    what is the mirror for?

  • Rizky Fahrul Rozy


  • Rizky Fahrul Rozy

    ! D:GameEmulatorjpcsp-windows-x86umdimagesPSPortable2.part1.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Phantasy Star Portable 2.iso. Corrupt file or wrong password.

  • Rizky Fahrul


  • Garrison

    Ummm… How would I put this onto my PSP? I have Pro C-2, but I just can’t figure it out. :(

  • Isaac Bustamante

    how do you get the password?

  • Sarthak Verma

    Are the servers still up?

  • Sarthak Verma


  • Sarthak Verma

    Anyway, it has infrastructure multiplayer capabilities. But since it came out in 2009 i doubted that its servers would still be up. Anyways i thought i might just ask. Thanks for trying to help.

  • Sarthak Verma


  • Michi Êřỉ

    this is work for 5.50 prometheus??

  • ChromeJailer

    Is there an undub version of this? I searched on google and it showed some torrents, but i cannot download torrents.. or know if they are real or fake… or are the voices already in japanese? like BRS the game?

  • Roberto Marin

    Well I’ve played a Phantasy Star game before, It had no voices. So I just assume all of them would maybe? Well, idk It was ages ago.

  • ChromeJailer

    No voices?? I t wasn’t the original JAP game.. right? Because a trailer of the Jap ver. on youtube had voices… Anyway, maybe no voices is better than eng. voices xD Thanks..

  • Donnie Leonardo

    ! E:ppssppPSP GamesPSPortable_2.part4.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Phantasy Star Portable 2.iso. Corrupt file or wrong password.
    why this happening while unrar it

    sorry for BAD english

  • Sora Azure TwilightEmperor

    after the opening movie the screen is all blank, but I can still hear it’s music background… do you know how to fix it?
    I use ppsspp

  • Kuro Mii

    Which of the following links I should download ?? I got a corrupt file for part 2, 3, and 4 … (T_T) (Sorry for my bad English)

  • Roxses7299

    Redownload Part 2,3 & 4

  • Guest

    What’s wrong *o* I typed nicoblog but still saying this error :(

  • Vaan24

    Try Winrar if it still like that maybe your part is corrupted or retype the password again or redownload that part again

  • Vaan24

    Yeah, I play Phantasy Star Portable but there are no text in conversation. Maybe because my graphic card and GPL. GPL must 2.2 or higher

  • Nanegi

    I have part 4 and i redownloaded it a few times from zippy share but everytime i try to extract it, it fails . Some help please? I have redownloaded it couple of times but the file is still corrupt.

  • Sarah Login

    This is my favorite PSP game, shame no one has made a translation patch for infinity.

  • Nanegi

    THANKS A LOT NICO !!!!!!!!! hmm or should i say Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrosky the 4th

  • atsuh

    do we need internet for this game in psp? cuz most of the time my psp gets error if I use wi fi

  • AbsoluteBlade


    Need your help! My PSP turns off after the blank black screen on the start up

  • curry-ninja

    Actually you need the internet if you wanna play online…But you dont need it if you’re just playing story mode…

  • Kevin Fahrurizki

    Is this game had a problem ?

  • Jagaimono

    Just wondering if there’s any undub version on the net?

  • Zero Vesper

    Hi Nico, nice to meet you…

    Just want to share thing; I’ve played this on PPSSPP v.0.9.72 and when I start the game, the screen just blank and it doesn’t show even the main menu…

    So I decided to change the setting. And the answer is the RENDERING MODE, then I changed it to BUFFERED RENDERING; Voila! The screen just clear as crystal and I could play the game. The dialogue text also show up…

    Here’s my setting on my PPSSPP (works on this game, esp. for the newest PPSSPP ver.):
    Rendering Mode=buffered rendering, Postprocessing Shader=Natural Colors, Frameskipping=Auto/Off, Texture Scaling=Off/xBRZ, Hardware Transform=yes, Vertex Cache=yes, Mipmapping=yes, VSync=yes, Fast Memory(unstable)=no, PSP Model=PSP1000*
    *some older version doesn’t have this setting

  • Rradamanthyu Neko Kohaku Yume

    That Newman lv. 195 (WOW!) Is sooo cuute Kawaii!

  • Rradamanthyu Neko Kohaku Yume

    But when i’m in that frozen place, when we suffer some earthquakes and giant snow balls i reach to an ice wall, what should i do to pass?

  • XAraragiX

    for walkhrough use gamefaqs
    reallly i dont wanna spoil it XD

  • XAraragiX

    there’s one but i lost it damn and now the original uploader has stopped caring about PSP

  • Claudio Frollo

    Thank you Nico, is there any chance for an Undub version, is there any at all?

  • Claudio Frollo

    it plays fine on my psp 2000 with CFW 6.60, smooth and all. maybe PPSSPP its different

  • Claudio Frollo

    I found one, but doesn’t seem legit, there is probably no undub for this damn
    looks like a nice game, too bad Eng voice acting spoils it badly =(

  • Ibrachim Berin Z

    Hey Nico, I’ve got a problem: in chapter 2 in the middle part of the mission the game crasche and the psp turns of. Any ideas how to fix that ?

  • coolwaterinaglass

    Your firmware?

  • Ibrachim Berin Z

    I don’t think so. Every other level works just this one not (could test it with TempAR codes) and I’ve got the 6.60 pro update. Any other ideas?

  • tahooba

    can you please reupload this on Putlocker/FireDrive? please

  • Mugiwara No Renkinjitsushi

    To anyone who played it. Is this and the Infinity one the same ? Can you play with Hatsune Miku on either ?

  • Saizo


  • lolz123

    infinity has a new story line
    new missions, items, weapons, etc.

  • Bryan Parco

    uhm hey nico can we play this on PSP Emulator?

  • Mugiwara No Renkinjitsushi

    Okay, so Infinity is the latest one. thanks…

  • Ash

    It runs smoothly on PPSSPP v.0.9.8.I did exactly like you said and the game works fine.Thanks Nico.

  • yami neko

    this game is japanese voice or eng voice..???

  • Jojo

    please reupload part 4 please!

  • Jojo


  • Verdigris

    please reupload part 1 to 5 on firedrive
    i know it was putlocker, but you cant open putlocker anymore, so i think it should reuploaded to firedrive too

  • Hellos56

    Thanks nico this game is really fun except when players hack stuff. :D

  • Christian Danzl A. Angeles

    Ummm Nico? Filedrive, Filecloud and 180upload links are down.. You might want to check it out… :)