Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 ENGLISH PATCHED (JPN)

Once again, Tales of the World brings together characters and worlds from all the other entries for one great, big adventure. The second entry features a total of 50 characters, including a member of the Vesperia cast, and will offer a more robust character creation feature.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 2009-01-25
Media Format: UMD
ID: ULJS-00175
ISO size: 1014 MB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: Japanese, English Patched.

English Patch info v0.3: Project Blog
Character creation:100%
Menus: 90%
Items: 70%[Including weapon,armor,usable,etc(Descriptions still in jap)]
Quest/Client Name’s:100%[
Excluding there quest story/messages]
Skills/Artes Name’s:95%[Excluding descriptions]
Weapon/Armor Effects name:80%[Example Drop Rate+50%,M-DEF+20%,etc]
Character Names:100%
Monster List:100%
Pop-Up Messages:around 80%
Story is still not included..

Credits to:
kenma9123 – The Editor
al_alone17 – The Manager
1337dog - The Badass Translator

Download: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Password: nicoblog

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  • seneloin

    thanks a bunch! you guys are the best.. i hope you make it full english sooner or later ^o^

  • mika

    is the quest included? thanks for this one :D..
    lookin forward to the story too though >_< nice work!

  • miko

    somehow i fail,how u all do it?im using a mac

  • loinator

    And the pass is not working :p
    EDITED: my bad, it is working XD

  • tales

    what;s the pass?

  • tales

    it says wrong password help plsss

  • Ayoub AzouGarh


  • Ron.

    Redownload the parts

  • Andrew Fanggara

    hey, will you continue the patch project or this is the full one?

  • lupin

    i play in ppsspp emulator but in game when i play and to dungeon the map dungeon is missing…can anybody how to fix…sry bad language

  • Edge Rain

    When will the story be 100% translated. Im a story kinda guy. Unless i know the story of the game i cant play it.

  • Rina

    If you waited for the story, it will surely take forever…. Tales of Series, main story or not, is famous for the quite lengthy story and the detail. The fastest way is for us to learn Japanese, audio is enough if you are patient to listen but if you are not then just learn how to read Kanji, they are not so difficult once you try.

  • Guest

    hello whats the password?

  • Donald


  • Andrew Fanggara

    is the story patched or not? because it’s difficult to play rpg if we don’t understand it

  • http://imageshack.us/a/img823/4341/yovu.jpg HorribleWaffle

    Is the patch version 0.3 or 0.4?

  • Shinn

    its not working for me, when i extract the files it says that the part 2 file is corrupted?

  • curry-ninja

    Then part 2 must be corrupted,re-download the part…

  • Shinn

    thanks it worked after i downloaded it with a different link

  • Ro Kaze

    i follow the unrar password:nicoblog but still error.pls help ._.

  • curry-ninja

    Version 0.3

  • http://imageshack.us/a/img823/4341/yovu.jpg HorribleWaffle

    ok, thanks!

  • Tyler Rosario Miller

    It keeps tellin me wrong password help.

  • John Carlo

    how to download the file

  • Ase

    story translation is a must…for me though i like games with story
    ill download it as soon as the story is translated sooooooon

  • Satoshi Kyouma

    I Think the patch is dead……………….

  • Ase

    thought so

  • Dante

    If you go to the Project Blog that’s linked they say they have no plans to translate the story. So really, I don’t even see the point of having this up here.

  • Dante

    As I said in a reply to someone else. On the project blog linked in the post, it says they have no plans to translate the story. Kind of an important part of any game like this really, so I personally don’t see a point in keeping this up.

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/ChromeJailer ChromeJailer

    “I personally don’t see a point in keeping this up.”
    Well… It’s here already, so there’s no point in removing this now.
    Plus, you could learn Japanese, and there will be a HUGE point of keeping this up~ xDD

  • Dante

    I’ll just go out and learn Japanese tomorrow then.

    What kind of response is this? >_>

  • Ruff

    You know they don’t have to translate anything. You should be thankful you little cunt.

  • Ruff

    The pass is “GOF@#$!!SELF”

  • Dante

    You know they aren’t translating this right? They’re just posting it? Yeah. And no, I won’t be thankful for dickhead responses. All he had to say was it won’t be removed.

    If it’s not going to be a complete translation, as is stated on the project blog, then there’s no reason to have it. But it’s not up to me, I understand that. However, it still makes no sense to have it at all.

    Quick additional edit:

    It’d make more sense to just upload the fully untranslated version, instead of a partial translation.

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    Partial Patch is better than no patch to me, don’t like don’t download.

  • Dante

    Fair enough. That’s all that was needed to say. I wasn’t going to download it, I was just questioning the reasoning behind a partial translation. Your response was at least better than the other two I got.

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/ChromeJailer ChromeJailer

    It’s your opinion, and I respect it. You can use a translation guide, something, IDK. But there’s no reason to overreact like this and get mad, when no one had any hating intentions whatsoever in the first place, ok?
    It’s actually good to be nice to people.

  • Samari Prime

    *sigh* Man I want to get this but the story is a must :/ Damn I feel conflicted D:

  • Samari Prime

    Yay I got the game and I have no idea what they’re saying :/ This blows not even the text is translated when u talk to them D: Oh well ._.

  • Charles Gregory

    Believe it or not people like playing games even if they dont know the story its pretty easy to learn how to adapt to how all rpgs work for most of us all we really need is the menu and the items and gear translated and we are good to go i respect your Opinion but it makes all the sense why this and other isos like it are up we want to play them (personally most stories arent worth it and doesnt require the player knowing it for them to beat the game) Its all really common sense if you dont want to play it someone else will and by the time they do maybe ever trasnlate a story others like us would of have beaten it by then so really i would appreicate it if you thought good and hard before you make another other posts and try to look at it from my point of view as i have looked at your point of view regardless if i agree or dissagree with it i mean no hate or threats just giving my two cents

  • Dante

    I didn’t even read this little essay you decided to send me.

  • Mike Kendrick

    RPGs whole point is to be involved in the story… How can you play one without knowing what’s going on. It’s like eating a burger without the meat, just the bread.