Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium: 3rd Story (English Patched) PSP ISO Download

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story

Release Name: Tokimeki_Memorial_Girls_Side_Premium_3rd_Story_JAP_PSP-STORMAN
Original Title: ときめきメモリアル Girl’s Side Premium ~3rd Story~
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Visual Novel
Release Date: 2012-03-16Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story PSP Cover
Disc ID: ULJM-05976
Source: UMD
ISO size: 1.33 GB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: English patched

Patch info:

  • All 100% Everything translated download happy and comment.


Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story 1Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story 2Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story 4Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story 5Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story 6

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium Downloads:

FileFactory: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Mirrors: Part 1Part 2Part 3

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  • Rovey Salud

    Thank you very much Nico-san! =D

  • Kuro Neko

    Will there be an English version of this D:?! I really love this game.. I dont know Japanese though..

  • k-6

    i wish this is english TvT”’

  • Rina

    Could anyone enlighten me whether this game had voice-over?

  • Aiko

    URL not found can u fix it

  • Nico

    Fixed. refresh the page.

  • Aiko


  • Nico

    Now it’s English.

  • Nico

    Post updated with English version.

  • Nico

    Updated as English Patched version.

  • Nico

    Reuploaded in English.

  • Nico

    Reupped in English.

  • Nhox Bean

    OMG my girl best friend love this game , thank nico , have to download it now

  • Kirigaya Kazuto

    i dont want to conquer boys ~pass to this game too bad T.T

  • Satoshi Kyouma

    wahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! *sato cried and ran away*

  • Nico


  • Nico

    Yeah right

  • Febiyan Nailarizqi

    Thanks Nico :D

  • Bogor Satu

    sad… tickle boys… ahh Nico.. o/

  • Kusazo

    I admit I used to play girl dating games.

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    hhhh lol,i wanted to complain too,but after i saw you reaction,just HHHHHHHHH

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    Nico who is the group who make this patch,could you provide me with their web site,i really want to know what their next game they plan to translate,especially if it was the boy side of this game”.

  • Hung Xu
  • Satoshi Kyouma

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….I’ll play this game…………………….

    wait what??? well I wanna experience being a girl (not gay) and I wanna experience about guys hitting on girls (not gay)

    wait………………………ugh………….decision making……………………


  • golden guy

    Why god?why….

  • Nhox Bean

    just test it , my friend , she said it has amazing story about love Lol XD , if you know some of fangirl ( or Fujoshi ) , ask them if they know game Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium , they will tell u that they want to ship 2 guy in this game
    _ P/S : in my country this game has a lot of fanpage and doujinshi , so yeah this game is very famous , so i’m not surprise if this game tranlate by fan

  • Emanuel Tavares

    Tsc, game for girls

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    why did you admit it man,………….just kidding.

  • Juntwo Tawag

    here the link to the team

    also don’t like it don’t play

    team name

    English Translation Project


    Translation: jjjewel

    Spot translation: AmuletCross

    Programming/Hacking: jjjewel

    ASM hacking: thexyz, Mugi

    Graphic editing: jjjewel

    Editing: chocobikies, jjjewel, xMimii

    Beta-testing: chocobikies, jinny-jin, xMimii

    i realy like this game thank you team ^^

  • Juntwo Tawag

    i love visual novels and OTOME AND BL ( BOYS LOVE ) GAME NOVELS

  • golden guy

    This game looks creepy from the description ? *shuggers*

  • keyblader1985

    Geez; lot of complaining. If you’re a (straight) guy, you’re probably not the target demographic; simple as that. I’m 100% straight and was thinking of checking it out just for kicks, then I saw all of this.

  • Shanana

    cool you seems like my lil’ brother who loves this kind of game and it’s cool!!! ;)

  • Muhammad Naufal Hakim

    Sometimes Otome games isn’t very bad either :) , gonna finish this one Xd

  • Nico

    Exactly i checked it out and it’s pretty impressive and i don’t even play visual novels at all, i couldn’t believe the characters were actually animated instead of those static drawing we are used to see. This might be the one with the best graphics i’ve seen so far.

  • Nico

    They might not wanna be linked to this site that’s why i don’t include their info unless they want me to.

  • Nico

    They don’t want to be named here cos their team could be shut down if they are connected with patched isos.

  • Hung Xu

    Give this game to my sister and watch her play for a bit. This is a really good dating game IMO, it has a lot of interesting stuff to do

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    it ok.i found them anyways.

  • Ryeshin

    I love VN but this is my first time playing such genre and i already loving it.
    Thanks Nico :)

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    HA.. HA.. HA.. HA.. HA..! What the EF! XD
    Reminds me the first time I played ‘Persona 3 portable’. I chose the female protagonist and suddenly all the guys in the game wants to get inside my pants.. I chose the little kid cuz I pretended that he was a she and a loli…haaah~ going to choose the male protagonist next time…

  • Dahwn Piano

    Guys, I spent all day yesterday playing this game and for all of those guys annoyed with the man-dating aspect: You can hang out with the girls, and totally ignore the guys.
    You still have to keep up your fashion and clothes though or the two girls will be like “omg eww wtf.”
    Just be a lesbian, it’s fun!

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    well,guys in persona 3 portable are fun to hang out with,unlike others……….

  • Nico

    lol! guys playing lesbians! Good tip!

  • Kirigaya Kazuto

    before playing game boy side after playing game girl side

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    Lesbian is cool……….i think.

  • Dahwn Piano

    I’m a girl, but all these guys in the game are too foofy for me so I just hang with the girls LOL!

    It’s much more fun that way, plus I can focus on my studies. XD

  • animedemon

    so why dont the number series ever get translated ?

  • Emilie


  • vespamax

    “…players can touch the boys”, OH GOD NO. Just putting that out there. Lol. Just kidding. Hahaha

  • EminaRukiax

    Thank you for uploading! :D

  • Juntwo Tawag

    ahh good point sorry about that

  • Bogor Satu

    thanks… I love being lesbian.. thanks for the tip… hahahaha…

  • xero44

    Can you Upload FF8 in german, please?

  • Dahwn Piano

    Just wanted to let everyone know: I played this game all the way through with NO problems whatsoever. It ran perfectly and there were no errors.
    The only thing I noticed and it didn’t bother me was: There are no phonetic sounds for ‘PA, PI, PU, PE, PO’ when choosing your name, but that’s not really important. :)
    I’m very grateful to the team for their translation and thank you to the heavens Nico, for uploading this pre-patched because I suck at patching.

    I’m on a PSP 3000, 6.60
    CFW Pro-C fix-3
    Hope this helps someone knowing there were no errors for this setup.

  • Guest

    Will you be uploading end of serenity when it gets released?

  • Satoshi Kyouma

    well…….I’m really gonna download this. yolo!!!!!
    really…I want to play this game so badly because it’s in english so don’t call me gay ok??????? ;(

  • Ayoub AzouGarh

    just play it man,they said it was a great game,and talk with some girls if you don’t want to date the guys.
    PS:you’re not a gay,your a girl………..(jk).

  • Satoshi Kyouma


    well I could go with the ladies~
    then tell them I’m a dude wearing a girl’s costume~!

  • WinxAllxDay

    isnt there a game jus like tis but u play as a dude (pc or psp game suggestions), meaning u have to watch wat u do, take class to improve

  • _Reversi_

    Yes, there are a tons of visual novel and dating sim games for the psp. Only few ever get translated though.

  • majestix1988

    its hard to forget “the Way of Keima[TWGOK]” just to play otome game

  • WinxAllxDay

    ik but is there a english translated one dat u could suggest me, i’ve always wanted to play one n tis was the only one, the visual novels i’ve been playing were jus simple playthoughs

  • Satoshi Kyouma

    satashi kyoumae.

  • Ayoub AzouGarh


  • Rinne111

    so many sleepless nights spent playing this lol

  • Rina

    At first I wanted to play the DS version of this game but then bam, the psp version is out and fully translated. Then I all, ‘fine then throw aside the DS here it goes my bishies in PSP!’

  • minato

    can i play this with PPSSPP ?

  • Nico

    I don’t see why not.

  • Rina

    It worked in PPSSPP (I’m the proof) but in my case, sometimes it would work slowly and might need some restart so be prepared to save state quite a lot. Maybe it was just me. Don’t worry though, it is playable from start till the end.

    PPSSPP made the game more heart-throbbing (in my case again) since I could err…. literally drolling at the boys. If you wantto do Whimsical Play, try being a Sweet Devil, it was fun as hell since we are oh so dominating~ I’m enjoying myself playing as one with Konno-senpai lol I’m wicked.

  • Rina

    Since you already finished playing it. What is your favorite character and the Whimsical Play? My fav is Ruka and I love the combination of Sweet Devil with Konno-senpai since I’m getting the upperhand lol.

  • Marina Diaponon

    Can someone give me his savedata?, i lost mine and i can’t start a new game ! I can’t pass the start menu so i want to see what would happen with another savedata.

  • Satoshi Kyouma

    WTH?! I didn’t expect for the sprites to move or anything!
    holy s*** this game is amazing.

  • minato

    Thank u about that <3

  • minato

    thank u <3

  • Aika Lucero

    I know right? I got surprised too. =)

  • Aika Lucero

    Same here! this game is addictive. =)

  • Satsuki

    If you don’t mind, would you like to post part 3 at MediaFire?

  • Nico

    There are plenty of valid places to download.

  • Rina

    You aren’t the only one because me too :)

  • Pandora

    The most popular Visual Novel for guys seems to be Love Plus, but it’s for the NDS…
    There are a whole lot of fanmade VN’s though, which are mostly for the pc and free! A quick google search does miracles~.

  • Falenaryn

    sorry, I seem to have problem with the game, I have downloaded all part succesfully, the problem starts when i play (i’m using PSP with CFW 5.03), it just goes black and not working….is it about the cfw or i need to redownload it? Thanks in advance :)

  • Nico

    You’ll need to update your firmware see guides section.

  • Falenaryn

    Ok, thanks :)

  • Strawberry

    Thank you so much for posting this!! It’s awesome! (And a 100% translation, no less!)

    I definitely recommend this game for any otome fans!

  • XAraragiX

    for otome fans this is a blessing
    meanwhile the guy versions didn’t get much love T_T

  • Strawberry

    Seriously!?! I figured they would be more popular! :O Since there’s a lot of them, anyway.

  • Foxy

    I’m planning to buy a new psp 3000 for this game, I just wonder can I hack it on psp console from japan (a.k.a. red/blue colour) and play this game?