Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (USA) PSX2PSP Eboot Download

In Ancient Egypt there existed a force so powerful, it had to be locked away for a millennia. Now you can unravel the secrets of the ultimate power and the seven millennium items in an all-new Adventure! Based on the hit television series, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories takes you back to Ancient Egypt to solve the mysteries of the millennium items and uncover the secrets of Duel Monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world.


  • An RPG Story Mode-featuring a side-story to the animated series in Ancient Egypt.
  • Duel Monsters makes the jump to a full 3D playing field.
  • Over 600 monsters fully animated and rendered in 3D.
  • Import cards from the Official Card Game to create more powerful decks.
  • Duel against and trade cards with your friends to gain experience and upgrade your card collection.



Publisher: Konami
Genre: Card Battle
Release Date: 15 March 2002
Media Format: EBOOT
ID: SLUS-01411
ISO size: 204 MB
Image Format: .PBP
Languages: English




Download: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Download

Password: nicoblog

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  • Mauricio Montecinos

    Thank nicoblog

  • Jin Sanada Dragon

    Is there anyway for you to reupload this in an ISO format? o.o

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    Nope, what for? is a PSX game.

  • Jin Sanada Dragon

    So I could play it on my PSPGo. But alright, thanks for the reply nonetheless.

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    What have you tried? What CFW do you have?

  • Jin Sanada Dragon

    I have the latest one which is the 6.60 one.

  • http://www.nicoblog-games.com/ Nico

    6.60 what? PROC-C? PRO-C2? ME?
    Where did you put the eboot? post full path.
    Could be wrong location.
    What error do you get?
    I can help but you have to give some info i can’t see your problem if you don’t tell me anything.

  • Jin Sanada Dragon

    6.60 PROC-C. I haven’t even tried putting it anywhere yet. The reason why I asked is if you could make it into an ISO file was to avoid any potential problems.

  • Zahira

    I remember playing this on my PS1 didn’t know it existed on the PSP platform